Applications and Testimonials


Applications  and Testimonials


As I got a question about a specific kind of disease and a testimonial I want to start a new section about you experience about what kind of coincidences happened after using the CoRe for informational and or spiritual healing.

Remember, and I hope I don’t have to correct this in too many of your posts “CoRe is not able nor intended to treat any physical, energetic or mental disease”, no matter how many changes or improves we see on these levels.  We agree with the opinion / believe of recognized science that neiter a program running on a computer nor the minute amount of energies from the CoRe applicators can be brought in any cause and effect relationship to any REAL changes in the physical / energetic or even mental health of a person that may happen coincidently.

Please understand that this is not only a word-game like the old disclaimer “We do not treat, cure, diagnose, remedy nor do we have patients or practice medicine in any sense that is rightfully protected by organizations like the Food and Drug Administration”. You as practitioners with CoRe as a tool practice spiritual medicine that is aimed at healing the spirit and not the body, not its energies nor its mind…. Please please understand and make this your own.

And understand that it would be easy to get an FDA registration based on some usually twisted effectiveness studies for one or another exotic disease which then gives you the illusion that now you have the right to use it lawfully on any disease you please.  Non of the registration of competing devices has based it on more than one disease what this means you can only use it legally (provided you have the necessary credential for doing so) for this single disease. You are actually with a registered device that you use outside this one disease in a much worse position, as you are knowingly (or at least should know) using a medical device for an disease where it has not been tested nor approved. All those practitioners who are proud that they are using a registered device are just naïve about the danger that this causes for them, at least in the USA where the legal system has become for many people a way to make a very good living on invented charges.

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THis is the old view of the world where we knew for every screw where she belonged....



This new way of representing your work is not just a way to protect yourself, much better than that it is the key to your success. If you give up to be the opposition but rather be the complement to conventional medicine in a true sense that you don’t just use other methods but that you treat and cure a completely different aspect of living beings : “The Spirit” and the only payment you have to make for this distinguished honor to be the doctor to the highest part of life  to “Consciousness” you have to agree and communicate that physical / energetic or mental changes that follow your intervention are not intended nor can they be related according to general scientific view to what you are doing.

This understanding is really the quantum change that the age of Aquarius is about, its about the transition from the age of Believe (Pieces) to that of making a connection to the spirit not through dogma and rule but through an openness that might seem arbitrary and random to the left brain.

“We have not come here to make prisoners or to confine our wondrous spirits, but to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light !” Hafiz


If you get tired of hearing this same argument again and again from me, you are not present with your whole being but maybe only with your body and mind and that is not what is sufficient to be a spiritual healer, you have to attend also with your spirit. And the spirit when he hears this is elated that for the first time in a long time it is not disregarded completely or misunderstood as a function of the mind. He and She are excited that a great number of healers is coming back to the oldest understanding of humanity that not organs or chemistry rule our life and happiness but the spirit. The Spirit is also excited that there are so many ready to help while knowing and accepting that they cannot take credit for any healing on the lower levels that happens seemingly as a result because really also this is not a set-back it is another quantum leap back to the past were it was just a common requirement for any healer that he had the humility that he would not even want to take credit for apparent results of his work.

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.... this will be the new way to see the world as a maze to aspects that we mostly dont know how they are related



I will continue to post testimonials from your clients (or from very new users) however where I do not want to be so strict about wording because those people are still experiencing the world through their cultural environment in which the power of the spirit is either completely forgotten or misinterpreted as a result of mind activity and they confuse results that they experience as coming from a technical device just as a in previous centuries healing mistakenly was attributed to some holy bones, water or places.



Testimonial from today by Karyn Burge, UK:


“My active 16 year old son had increasingly been mentioning over a number of weeks that he was going “black” for a few seconds when he stood up (usually after laying on the lounge). One day however, after standing and walking 6 or 7 metres he completely blacked out, crashing in a heap on the floor. A couple of hours later, he did this again with an unfortunate accident in the kitchen. My son was scheduled to leave for a much anticipated trip away that afternoon, and had no intentions of missing it, insisting that he was fine.

I had not had my CoRe system for very long, and due to my own very poor state of health at the time it arrived, had hardly managed to spend any time familiarizing myself with its operation. I certainly had not even considered being ready to experiment on a real person yet, but after seeing my son off I decided to give it a go. I figured that looking at his circulation in the Organ Balance section was the easiest place to start. I checked circulation for the head and brain and balanced two or three top items that came up. Then I checked his heart…. it shocked me, there were lots of items with very high results. I balanced all these and did this again twice more over the next two days.

My son has not had one blackout since and isn’t even feeling briefly odd upon standing. Over the past couple of years his school friends had given him the nickname “Barney” — after a purple-coloured children’s television character, because his hands and legs were always purple and cold, but now he also has much better colour. These amazing results seem almost too good to be true, but it is absolutely true. I was not even an experienced practitioner, but here I clearly had an amazing tool that in this case was able to, through nothing more than an evaluation and a “nudge” to balance, help his body towards returning to its healthier, Natural State. The CoRe system is brilliant! PS. My own “very poor state of health” is another happy story, thanks to CoRe. “ Karyn Burge, UK



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