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In the last couple of years I have been getting more and more autistic children coming to me.

These cute children put me on a journy to figure out autism, and hopefully develop the treatment to the degree that they will not be considered autistic any more.

I am interested to learn as much as I can from successes and understandings of others in order to be able to help these children in the best possible way. 

I will be happy to share with you my understandings and get your input on this subject

yours sincerely,

Rina Joshua

Music therapist and Core user, M.A, M.T-B.C, Israel.


Kiran’s reply :


First thing : “What can CoRe do for that….?” Answer : Nothing at  least we cannot aim at it and more importantly we should not aim at it because this is the basis not only, to get in legal trouble but MORE IMPORTANTLY not to be successful at all.

The more we can be looking at the person and not at his physical / energetic or mental issue the better and if we do this more often we will see after some time not the tinny surface that these, however inconvenient, issues represent but we will see the spirit that is behind, above and around those everywhere and that it is even beyond the informational matrix.

This shift in seeing healing not as something that it is sufficient to happen in your mind but in “all and everything” that you are is the challenge.  And “unfortunately” there is no protocol for it but “MORE DLE IN YOUR LIFE”, patience and openness to change.

Having said this you already know the main way to make a connection  to the spiritual realm is through the informational and you know that the way to that that is through DLE. The CoRe is doing that through its DLE (also called Hologram – ) generator in which a semiconductor is in a meta-stable state that acts as an antenna for the informational matrix.

For us as spiritual healers all disturbance is a disturbance of connection to the spirit and this is particularly clear in case of Autism. What is Autism and where does it come from ? If you ask any of the (mis-)leading experts in the field they either say it is inherited or a result of some vaccination or other chemical poisoning. In their little world there exists nothing aside of chemicals and energy.

What is the leading symptom of Autism?   ——— it is a  “Lacking ability to associate.” —-

They have difficulty to associate to other people, to make friends, to even know what relationship they have to their closest relatives. When asked to say something about any object in their environment they don’t know anything but its name, no history, no emotions about it. Sometimes this inability to associate goes so far not to be able to associate the different pixels that are generated by their eyes to a homogenous picture and thus see only a mosaic or even a fragmented pattern. This lack of ability to associate occurs  in all of the sense as for example it can even be difficult to recognize words spoken by an unfamiliar voice or have the consistent sensation that they inhabit their body.

Many animals are highly autistic that’s why they have a very limited range of signals that they can associate with and as a result respond to. However exactly this limitation makes them on the other side highly attentive for some sounds, smells or other sensory impressions that fall into their very narrow reception window and then they can sense impulses that are so minute that they go unrecognized by others. Equally this is the case for autistic people that they can have an excessive sensitivity to some minute details and keep this attention for a duration that seems totally out of proportion for all “normal” people. They can order things for hours and they learn proper spelling quicker than all others.


This is an example of a world view resonant with an autistic mind. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 448px) 100vw, 448px" />

This is an example of a world view resonant with an autistic mind.


Did you ever question why we usually talk about Autistic children ? Are there no autistic adults, or do autistic children eventually become normal ? No of course not, as there is no known treatment in conventional medicine, we are simply into a new epidemic and the numbers of affected children is exponentially raising and soon we will not be able anymore to overlook  that there are more autistic adults then children.

So do you know now where autism comes from ? If you have followed the above list of symptoms carefully and have attended one of my seminars you would easily see that this is again a form of left-right brain imbalance,  to such a degree that the right brain is almost out of order because the right brain is that in us, which allows us to associate rather than make division, as that is what the left brain is intended for. The left brain analyses whereas the right brain synthesizes. People who have a dominant left brain (and I don’t know any one who does not) are much more likely to see that which is not clear, not correct, not complete, not perfect, not straight, too unspecific, too unscientific, too subjective. They (we) tend to see the detail much more likely than the general picture, we tend to not see the forest because of all the trees and we see predominately the detail, particularly that which is missing or wrong first and foremost even in a context that is amazing and beautiful. People who are finding every hair in every soup or every spelling error are most likely borderline autistic.

Does this make sense…. Interestingly a simple and reasonable assessment of a pressing issue that out there in the brains of so many learned people only leaves an open question mark. Of course most of them are themselves on the way to autism because our educational system reinforces autistic behavior and learning, which means to learn without questioning and to learn details like spelling more than a multifaceted approach and understanding.

Now the next question from the left brain is usually “But how is it possible that children that are born with it without being first exposed to the educational system ?”. The left brain does not know nor does it agree that everything is connected with everything which means that you know and are affected by this world even before you see the light of the world and that you do not come like a blank sheet but that all of us come with an encyclopedia of experiences.

So what can CoRe do in such cases ? Again “CoRe cannot do anything to diagnose or heal not even mental diseases” but it can be your antenna to the informational matrix and via that to the spiritual realm. It will find the informational representations for the message that the spirit is giving. Use them without the necessity of your left brain to understand and explain them for communication, information and EMDR.

Also knowing that Autism is an expression of not enough DLE in respect to the alternation between right and left brain. Therefore we can do things that help this process for example using stimuli that ALTERNATE  between structure and free flowing / associating  either pictures or sounds and music. Plus of course use the energetic applicators electric, light or magnetic simultaneously to help create more DLE.


... an example of something that would create DLE for an autistic mind 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" />

... an example of something that would create DLE for an autistic mind


This is my contribution to this topic and in general I will not post just one line questions like “Help I have this kind of case. What shall I do” because

“Run my dear from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings” to be able to fly alone …. Hafiz




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