Autistic parents


As a result of writing my article about autism

I wanted to learn more about it from posts of parents of autistic

children and send requests to 5 different Autism-Yahoo-groups, saying

that “I want to do research on Autism” and was

denied to join by all five, of course without explanation, and despite

the fact that they already 500 – 2000 members each.

This indicates to me that among the Autism parents, particularly so driven to open

and moderate an autism-group are many strongly

autistic themselves. They want to control and be very exact in

deciding who joins their chat-group and who does not, as well as

suspicious which is also a function of the left brain.

From this you can see that children are of course to a large extend

the product of their parents just by inheritance and to the degree they

are not, most parents want to make them into their own image later on via education.

And of course someone who has possibly a solution to the illness of

their child is a threat, however unconsciously this is realized. We

can see here that those who do not want to be helped cannot be

helped, this our informational freedom and the curse for some. In this

we can also clearly see that information is not the ruling element in our

lives but consciousness that rules information and consciousness needs

the DLE that suffering brings for many incarnations until we finally

can listen to what the spirit wants to tell us.

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The CoRe system is for those who want to have DLE with a minimum of

suffering, because the information that we are confronted with is

little suffering as it often confronts our clients with the hidden

part of their soul. Also the energetic part created this DLE (little

discomfort) for the physical part of our being that otherwise disease

has to do to get our attention and that of our body.

Autism is certainly very fitting for our time to eventually bring to

some the message and then possibly healing that the left

brain with its tendency to be too linear, too strict, too proper, too

repetitive, too organized, too lonely, too un-associative has to be

balanced eventually. (You can see this list of autism-attributes was

made by and is impressive to the left brain).


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