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Dear all I appreciate that my friend Patty took the time to write such a long response on

the Autism article, Patty runs in the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa

and I already visited their home and we spend talking about the future of Medicine

Patty Smith-Verspoor

(imagine Patty was so much ahead of things that she registered when most did not even know

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Hi Rina,
First, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is a phenomenon, which means that it has multiple causes, layers and dimensions. In such cases, all these must be addressed in theory. In some cases, addressing only certain of the potential causes, and then only the simplest, lowest level ones (diet, toxicity, behavioral therapy, etc.) is enough, and the child recovers. In other cases, the shocks and traumas (timeline) needs to be addressed, and in still others, the inherited disease patterns (chronic miasms) must be tackled, either superficially or deep. In yet other cases, the roots of the disorder clearly go beyond this into a realm that we could term that of spiritual diseases.

None of this is at all understandable with the conventional approach, which restricts scientific reality to the physical-material plane (leaving the super and sub-sensible realms to religion). If we accept that disease exists at the energetic plane (realm of causes), not the physical-material (realm of symptoms), then we can also extend the scientific, rational understanding to beyond the physical-material. In the supersensible realm, there is the possibility of a rational understanding  of the continuity of life beyond the death of the physical body, in terms of the soul-spiritual individuality, which is not possible if reality is limited to the physical plane.

This is what ancient cultures and until relatively recently, Western religion, referred to as the cycle of incarnations or past lives. Another aspect we need to consider is the capacity for choice that we have and the law of resonance known since time immemorial, which is that the consequences of our choices are carried over into energetic life after physical death and then into the subsequent incarnation (new birth). This is known as the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The burden of the negative consequences of choices we make are felt even in a given lifetime, but can also, so it seems, be carried over into subsequent lifetimes.

We can change this burden or debt by making new choices that redeem the debt. Treatment of the various shocks and traumas in this lifetime helps us to make better choices based on our true self, not our false self or ego. Treatment of the chronic miasms also involves this burden of debt,or what is often referred to as karma or fate. And we can also address the higher disease patterns that relate to false beliefs we have that distort our perception of life and allow fears to rule over our decisions, rather than reason and truth.

Having said that, the science of addressing all of these potential causes and contributors to ASD is still in its infancy and much remains to be done and to be understood. There are many things we don’t yet comprehend and many forms of treatment that we cannot rationally assess in terms of which will work for which person at what time and in which aspect of the disorder. This requires ongoing research and clinical work.

While the CoRe or bioresonance technology is not the magical answer, it does offer the hope of developing the ability to better understand what is needed at what time for whom in the deeper and higher regions of energetic disturbance, where our capacity to “see’ is more limited.

As long as the science is wanting, so will there be scope for individual experimenting and trying of approaches to see if they work.

In terms of understanding why ASD is here and so pervasive, we cannot look just to toxins, vaccines, inherited weaknesses, but must also consider the implications of why a person is born into the world at a given time. Either life is just a movement from point A to point B, or it has meaning and we are each here to accomplish something that is linked to our given abilities. First, we have to overcome the burdens of the past and the obstacles of the present, so that we can then face up to the tasks we came to undertake. While the physical body is that of a child, the individual soul-spiritual entity is much older with a long history through lifetimes. Our understanding of ASD children leads us to consider that they have come here in order to accomplish a specific task at this time in the evolution of human consciousness, namely to lead us throw a shift in consciousness from the preoccupation with the material to an opening to considering the reality of the supersensible domain of existence. We all have to eventually shift our consciousness from the material plane of consumption to a higher plane and these kids have the ability to show us how to do this.

Given the magnitude of the challenges they face in doing this, not least of which are the seeming efforts of the material world, with its chemical drugs, vaccinations and suppressive measures generally to prevent their full development, it is not surprising that we have this struggle and withdrawal from engagement with the world known as autism, plus all the internal conflicts and fears that the suppression causes.
We have a great deal of experience in treating autism using energy medicine and alternative methods, and have written a book about it – Autism – The Journey Back (available on We also have a college to train practitioners (, including a new master’s program which will incorporate the use of bioresonance technology (the CoRe) so as to be able to more effectively treat such complex conditions.

Kiran’s question :

It is very common in autistic circles to blame vaccinations and other toxins like mercury but you bring some important additions here like past lives, miasm, ego and trauma…. however here is my question

All these factors except maybe some new toxins have been around for all time but “Why do we have this increase in autism NOW ? So it is simply clear that the main cause must be searched and found in something that is new for humans only since the last 30 years because befor then Autism was basically unknown.

And then the answers are relatively easy INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION this is what fills our life now to an unprecedented degree and that we are driven by it into the left brain in the hope this way to cope with it is only one effect….. yes its the Informaion-miasm that needs a cure.

And as at all times the devine when coming up with new challenges makes also new solutions available and I know it is informational medicine devices ….. for those who have eyes to see and DLE enough in their lives to be open for change…. yes I believe it is the Magic-bullet


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