There are moments I believe I truly understand DLE, rare though they may be.

I really do understand how doubt makes everything difficult to manifest. But, when it comes to belief, I can’t escape Mark 9:23 “Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

I believe the CoRe Inergetix will help everybody; and in my experience it does. It just doesn’t always help me, and some other people, in the way I think it should. That’s where my DLE comes into play.

Just when I think I know what is best for some people, the Divine finds a better way. But no matter what I think, I always believe the Divine and the CoRe will help anybody.

Since I believe, all things are possible.


Kiran’s reply

We will have to re-evaluate here many times the concepts that we know from religion and that we have taken for granted but have not given any scientific investigation.

The reason being that the Informational Matrix borders that of the spirit or of consciousness and that there is naturally an overlap.

We know all from our religious education what prime importance that was given to the idea “Believe and it will be given” and a new version of this old concept is “The secret”, in which they find a very  resonant audience to the idea that “if you only wish, visualize, hope and believe that you are deserving your dreams to come true that there is nothing that could stop the universe delivering it to your doorstep”.

Now of course we all have many dreams and wishes (as well as the authors of THE SECRET) that have not come true and the explanation for this quickly is at hand “YOU JUST DID NOT BELIEVE ENOUGH” or “THERE MIGHT BE SOME SELF-SABOTAGING AT AT WORK” or “YOU HAVE NOT STUDIED THE SECRET / BIBLE ENOUGH” but “CERTAINLY IT IS YOUR FAULT….” or and the most sophisticated way to get out of this dilemma “IT/HE helped you but not in the way that you expected or maybe in a way that you don’t even know where and when he made your believe help you”

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NO …… lets stop this blame/explain game of religion and re-examine the old believe-systems.

1. As we know in the Informational  Matrix every thing/concept is connected with  many maybe all other things and the strength of all these connections is giving its meaning in a specific moment and for an individual. So the believe “a word means one thing, or a limited number of things, in all cases” is for those who cherish definitions and dictionaries.

2. Therefore “BELIEVE” potentially means many things and the way you believe can either make things possible or impossible…. as it does for almost all people… and because of our misguide approach to BELIEVE I am warning not to let BELIEVE enter into the work with CoRe as our way of believing is generally an obstacle and not an aid to success.

3. As an example : everyone who goes to a Homeopath believes that the work that this practitioner is doing will heal him and the Homeopath selects and gives the remedy  in his best believe that it will do good. In fact we see that in most cases it does not work on the first few consultations however only later another remedy does the work. Of course if all this would be based or even only aided by the believe of the practitioner or client as has been hold for 200 years in respect to Homeopathy this believe would be strongest on the first visit and not after many failed attempts.This simple fact proves how unreasonable  the common believe is that “Believe” would be the basis of  Homeopathy and other informational methods like CoRe.

4. This example alone shows that believe as we know it is not the cause for healing it actually indicates more that our common believe has to be broken down by a number of failures before the road is free to make something else do the work.

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Get out of your own way

“We are not successful with CoRe because of our believe but despite of it !”

You might realize that you are learning here something new and quite opposite to what you knew from Sunday-school or the new age movement. In fact all this is a science that has always been around and is now rediscovered from many sides. One very recommendable series of books that goes exactly in this direction are the books by Vadim Zeland .

In these books that call the Informational Matrix with yet another name “The space of Variations” is described in a very reasonable way the “Science how you can create the things/events you want”. Opposite to THE SECRET it explainns why “Your dreams almost never come true” and why

“MORE wishing/hoping/believing/expecting will get you in most cases NOWHERE and actually creates an excess potential that creates the opposite.”

What has all this to do with the work of CoRe ? … it explains why :

1. CoRe works not because you believe and why it actually works better if you get Believe out of your way.

2. You  should not try to make your client believe.

3. It is usually easier to treat animals, plants and non-living objects who are not corrupted with the Believe-disease-concept

so lets forget this BELIEVE idea its all so messed up with  thousands of year of attempts to use it for manipulation.

“What you need is a Be+leave system and I will tell you what this means and how to get there in the next post….. “


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  1. Daniela Andreescu on

    Belief and Choice

    I enjoyed Kiran’s ‘BE+LEAVE’ very much! It offered me an open field of new and exciting thoughts… I also enjoy to ‘play’ with definitions…

    In Webster’s Dictionary, the first definition of ‘believe’ is: “to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.”

    Side by side with the ‘official’ definition of words, every one of us develops a sort of ‘personal dictionary’ in which words are colored by one’s experiences and … beliefs! It is we who actually give meaning to the words. Instead of BEING there to receive what the other person says (= to listen), we are away in our own thoughts and feelings.

    One consequence is that we often misunderstand each other and even come into conflict. Or that we ‘believe’ what the other person says and we admire him/her for ‘how right he/she is’.

    At some point, each of us has tried to ‘convince’ someone else about something. Did the result depend on our knowledge, logical arguments or ‘communication skills’? ‘Yes’ AND ‘No’… The other person convinces him/herself with what we offer -‘information’ in all its forms!- only when there is something in that person’s world that resonates with what we say or do.

    It is all about the existence of a ‘resonance point’ which takes us in one direction or another.

    One possible way to get out of this type of polarity (and dependence) is… to choose. That is, to take an idea and work with it as a ‘premises’. And see…what ‘happens’. And take that… and see what happens… However, this is useful only if you can also BE there when it ‘happens’ so as to Re-Cognize Co-Incidence!