Bi-Polar – The Nature’s Neutral


Bi-Polar – The Nature’s Neutral

We talked about how life is based on various polarities. Reality as we know it comes from contradictions. If there is not one thing, then it will be another. If it is not day, it will be night. If you are not saying yes, then it will be a no. And so on and so forth. Just like our perceptions of life are based on polarities, we two are composed of opposites. We are either in a good mood or a bad mood. We either feel like having food or we don’t feel like having food. We are either in love or we are not in love!

The interesting thing to note though is that these polarities don’t always exist in separate clear cut boxes. There is almost always an internal struggle going on that is at some point pulling us in one direction and at other times, pulling us in another direction. So does that mean it is possible to live in neutral state? Be one thing at all times?

From the time that we are born, it is expected that we be completely on one side. For example, if we are in love, then we remain faithful to that one person always. If a woman has a child, then she should leave everything behind for the love of that child, focusing on its care and nourishment. A child who goes to school must always be an A student. This is the ideal situation and expected from most people. And it is made possible too, not naturally but because the person involved is held responsible through some kind of fear or conditioning. They adhere to the rules and expectations because they are scared of the repercussions if they do not follow what is demanded of them in some particular role of life.


And when that person tries to break free of the role, does something which does not go in accordance to the ideals of perfection, then they do so in secret. They hide the action or thought, guard with possessiveness because if anyone else knew, they would become the target of scorn and dislike. This is reason that whenever a student reads a comic during times of exams, they do so while hiding it under their textbook. When someone has an extra-marital affair, they hide it not only from the spouse but everyone else too. When a person goes through a porn site, they delete the history so as not to be caught.

And this continues for a long time. To the point where a person starts developing two personalities, two personas. One that the world knows about, the one that is well liked and respected and the other that is hidden from all that satisfies inner desires which will be considered wrong in the society. It becomes a kind of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde situation, where the two poles are completely different and yet very distinct and strong in their existence. What’s more, one does not know about the other. And this is what makes the life continue on without any issue or realization of what is happening to the inner core self. This polarity exists within most of us because we don’t even know of its existence in the first place.

And this is exactly what leads to the eventual development of mental diseases like bi-polar disorder. Let us take a deeper look into what bi polar disorder is, why people are unable to change the way they have been functioning and what can be done to help you get out of this mindset.

Understanding Bi-Polar

Bi-polar simply means the existence of two opposite things in one being. Hence bi-polar disorder is a mental disease that ranges from moods of extreme elevation to moments of extreme depression. These extreme ends or polarities in personality lead to a disregard of consequences and lack of interest in what others might think. A person becomes inconsiderate towards the self as well as to others. Life as it is meant to be ceases to be for them. Sense of peace and contentment is absolutely lost.

You have to understand one thing, it is best to get over the situation before it actually expands into bi-polar disorder. In our years of experience we have noticed that people who seek help as soon as possible are the ones who recover quickly and completely. Those that enter the state of the mental disorder find it more difficult to attain a link to the self in order to become truly happy.

As mentioned before, polarities are like the negative and positive aspects of the life. They always exist in twos in which one is accepted and favored by the society so that a person tends to exhibit that. While the other polarity, is scorned upon and looked down at, so that you tend to hide it from the eyes of the world so as not to be judged. And these different polarities that exist within us from one phase of life to the other are what comprise of our Ego.

From experience we can tell that when someone comes to us to seek help, they are the ones who understand this polarity and want to get over it. The conflicting relation that they have with the self is unsettling and often upsetting for them. They want to attain peace and contentment. They want to heal. But when we advise them on what needs to be done and the things that they will have to leave, one side of their personality accepts this and promises to act accordingly. The other side though refuses to change and instead prefers to follow the opposite of what we might tell them. This will get to the point that the patient won’t be able to recognize the other side of themselves and that in time might become the dominant self.


And this is where compassion comes in the picture. To be able to gain a hold of a complete whole self, you need to become familiar with all the polarities that exist within you. Instead of condemning the polarities, we need to understand that this is the work of the nature. That without polarities life would not be. And hence, they were always meant to be a part of you. If they did not exist you would cease to be a human being.

What needs to first be understood and then embraced whole heartedly is the concept that polarities are not meant to be disregarded, ignored or subdued. They are supposed to be set free and welcomed. And how are you going to be able to do that? By living those polarities instead of trying to hide them. By integrating them in your life so that they do not need to manifest in a way that is embarrassing or humiliating to you. Instead of punishing yourself about their existence, you need to adopt these various polarities in a way that you life becomes more fulfilling and progressive.

Know Thy Self

But how will that be possible? If you don’t know about the existence of the polarities, how are you supposed to entangle them in a way that they allow you to meet your true self? This is where the idea of knowing the self becomes dominant. When you know your essence, your core, you will know what are the different polarities going on in your life. And how can you know yourself?

Nature has provided you with an automatic recognition system known as the conscience. The conscience is based on the principle of self knowledge. But the disturbing thing is, society has

completely distorted the meaning of the conscience and consciousness. Conscience is considered to be the system that helps us distinguish between the good and bad, the right or wrong.

This definition and belief is exactly what limits the whole notion. Conscience is not simply about the right and wrong. Rather it is the ability to see all aspects of our personality, without the judgment of what is good and what is bad. What is worrying and what is happening is that, by using labels of evil and good, we block out the conscience from seeing the different polarities of our being and hence limit self knowledge.

It is in human nature to avoid all thoughts, feeling and actions that make them feel bad about themselves. They yearn to feel good, at peace, happy. And when the conscience (or more like the society!) tries to label actions and intentions as one of the two, without any in-between, a person automatically stops focusing on emotions that give way to bad feelings. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance to understand that conscience is not judging the good and bad in you. Rather it is the ability to recognize all the polarities that exist in you.


It is through the light of the conscience that you are able to meet the various polarities that you have. Likewise, the consciousness is what holds the being together. Without the two the development of human personality will never be complete. What needs to be understood is that bi-polarity is not a disease in itself. It only becomes a difficulty when you don’t know the various polarities that are present in you. If you are completely aware of the bi-polar in you, you will attain a healthy and natural mindset, in sync with everything that is essential for well being. You do not need to be ashamed of the bi-polarities nor should you ever punish yourself for who you are.

The CoRe system allows you to get in touch with the different polarities in you. It reaches you Eigen and lets you become familiar with the aspects of your personality that you had been negating. With our Bioresonance LaesEr, we help in changing the Eigen frequencies of the patient so that is able to experience all that he or she is, without any remorse, fear or rejection.

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