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* “Deploying the tools and knowledge of Level Five Quaning showed us challenges within our company of which, to that point, we felt inadequate. We knew it might be necessary to consider measures on the challenging subjects Level Five Quaning was investigating, but the deepening via Level Five Quaning got us focussed on the unconscious causes, which were of influence very prominently. Thanks to the professional explanation of the consultants we were handed a tool of which we, as management, gained understanding of the unconscious processes influencing our organization. We can therefore recommend other companies to deploy this technique to determine which relevant insights it brings for their business.”
Jeroen Nagtegaal, Manager Optimisation Center, Vanad Group

* “A very special way of looking for improvements within an organization. Surprising to experience the different offered perspectives to the problem.”

* “My question was: How can I make …. ENTEIRO grow.
I experienced the call and analysis as follows: … surprisingly, confrontational, pleasant and enlightening.
In my daily life/work I experience that I am stronger in my shoes and act on this too. I do notice that the effect is now diminishing, which means I do not always pro-act on it.“
Marcel van Dam

* “Within 10 minutes I experienced a feeling of really coming home. After another five minutes I had a solution to my problem.”

* “I’ve experienced an incredible recognition of things I had felt, but which I did not know explicitely. It’s hard to conceive, yet very true: I’ve never looked into such a clear mirror.”

* “After my burn-out I have talked a lot about very personal issues. I had never had dared to expect that this system, after this, could analyze me this fast and thoroughly as it had done. It really brought me new insights. This is so cool!”

* “My question was …. How do I ensure optimum connection with myself and others (especially with my wife and children). There was very open and attentive listening to me. Based on this active and empathic listening I got some suggestions/value-free assumptions from Helma. Combined with the response from the system, gave a rapid deepening of a number of key issues and recognizable issues in my life. 150w" sizes="(max-width: 112px) 100vw, 112px" /> * “The analysis, the words and ‘treatment’ yielded a number of clear incentives for reflection and action that I could immediately apply in the next few days; I also experienced some noticeable 
physical sensations during the “communication”. In my case I noticed this physical effect immediately during the session and after that I perceived no particular physical sensations.”

* “Recently I have had the privilege of researching a couple of very important personal and business dilemmas with the Level Five Quaning program. The results were remarkable and incredibly
accurate. These results gave me answers to questions which I have researched in various ways. It helped me in making choices on a personal and business level. I can definitely recommend the Level
Five Quaning program.” 
Tineke van der Vorst, VORST-IMPULS Training & Coaching.

* “During the Level Five Quaning-sessions we have looked into my company. We tried to find a possibility to retain more assignments. We also looked into my intention towards running my company and its core activities. The result was very special. The week after the first Quanig session I was approached by three new customers. The second session put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding experiences from the past. 214w" sizes="(max-width: 279px) 100vw, 279px" />
Now I understand certain occurrences and I am able to guide my company more focused. Because of the sessions I now more easily find words to describe things. It seems like all comes naturally!”
Pascale Roubroeks-Tummers, Powerfull People

* “After having had a quaning session I found myself in a somewhat confusing and emotional state. Then after a couple of hours, even more so after a couple of days, things started to settle. There was a feeling of calmness on a personal and business level. The session helped me to remain in the here and now. It is clear to me now and I’m back on the right track!”
Jan Willem Schoenmakers, Schoenmakers Training & Advies


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My name is Helma, born in 1962, married and mother of two adolescents, living in the Netherlands. I am working as a business and personal coach/trainer, using spirituality and NLP since 1998. I've started developing business content for the Inergetix-CoRe system in 2008, together with many professionals. I am using this business application of the tool in my coaching. With special focus on this application we have developed a business concept for coaches and consultants. You can read more about this on

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