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* “In one Level Five Quaning-session I have discovered more than in one whole year traditional coaching.”
Yannis Violidis, Sector: Banking

* “My question was: “What essentially keeps me busy on a deeper level or may possibly (after all, subconsciously) decelerate me in my growth/development?”
“Spot-on & full moon” analysis during a pleasant conversation! Particularly how this tool knows how to expose the deeper quest/question. And the approach/questions – and listening skills of the interviewer (Helma) have proved crucial. Resulting in greater understanding and knowledge of myself, of the unconscious aspects that affect my being/doings”.
Boudewijn Roubroeks

“In my daily life and work I immediately felt motivation/inspiration to experiment with new behavior in direct contacts (both personal and business) c.q. I felt impulses to show another attitude, in my case a more assertive and achievement-oriented approach. The effect of my new actions/behaviors that afternoon also led to immediate feedback from a number of people in my immediate environment. I also got inspiration for a clear theme (materialization/realization > analysis/design) to include in my development plan this year. I am grateful for the great momentum that I have received Quaning through Level Five.”
Bert-Jan ter Hofte

* “My employer advised me to have an appointment for a quaning session with Level Five Quaning, because I had some questions about myself on communication and leading a team. One of the main questions was why I usually have 10 steps leading ahead into my mind, compared with others in my team. Traditional coaching brought all kind of insights, but not what I experienced at Level Five Quaning. In three sessions my questions were answered. Fast, accurate and especially deep. A method that goes to the heart directly. My puzzle is solved. I understand what happened to me and how others saw me. Now I can connect and really show my strenght. And how charming it is that others compliment me about things I had not even thought about myself. I found it very informative and powerful!
Petra de Wit 214w" sizes="(max-width: 282px) 100vw, 282px" />* “My question was: how can I activate people from their intrinsic motivation in developing the Customer Contact Centre? This question came to me because I often see that people working in the CCC don’t seem to find really nice. That what people say is often not consistent with what they do. On the one hand, they indicate that customer satisfaction is very important, but at the same time they find it annoying when many calls come in and with this of course customer contacts. The conversation that followed on this question, focussed primarily on things that blocked me to achieve this goal. I found the results of the analysis quite confronting. A number of issues were touched which I haven’t spoken about for a long time and which apparently still require attention.
I recognized a number of blocks and some I didn’t recognize. In the week after the session I observed no change in myself. Now, after a month, I do recognize that I pick up my advisory role. I advise team managers and if they don’t follow my advise I feel less powerless. Previously I felt responsible, even if this is not my role.
And I have a more clear view on what team managers and employees values and beliefs are, and I react on this. In short, the quaning session does have meant that I became more focussed on the person behind the colleague.
Elfriede Dubbeldam

* ”As a controller I am a true rationalist and I am usually skeptical about anything that is not to calculate. But this methodology, Level Five Quaning is using, showed me that I thought too much within set frameworks.  The results of the analyses and the dialogue helped me to make my blind spot visible. The beauty of this concept is that it not only approaches the soft side, but can also resonate on hard facts.”


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My name is Helma, born in 1962, married and mother of two adolescents, living in the Netherlands. I am working as a business and personal coach/trainer, using spirituality and NLP since 1998. I've started developing business content for the Inergetix-CoRe system in 2008, together with many professionals. I am using this business application of the tool in my coaching. With special focus on this application we have developed a business concept for coaches and consultants. You can read more about this on

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