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* “It was very striking that I, as a controlfreak, could surrender me to accept the things that came on my way during and after the Level Five Quaning-session. That feeling of
tranquility was great. In of the sessions the item ‘aging’ showed up. At that moment I could not do anything with it. Only later I realized that it concerned the aging of my parents, and what the meant to me and how I want to deal with this.”
Annet Aldus, consultant HR&O

* “I came to Helma to talk about leadership and synchronicity. She talked about Level Five Quaning (LFQ) and I did not understand. I did understand such a “tool” could be
valuable for individuals and organizations, and wanted to experience it. Within five minutes all issues and patterns in my life were displayed in a structured manner. Really
out of nowhere. I could have saved myself years of therapies and courses, it seemed. The system (instrument??, the software??) knew more about me than myself. As we
talked, we found a few solutions to the major issues. Helma said she would communicate these and that I could notice it fysically. Have been sick for a few days. Appeared to react
violently. After a few days a number of things were integrated in my life. Naturally! The second time I was telling about my new company, The Leader Inside, and it appeared that I
really did not dare to go all the way to the top. I seemed to feel that someone else needed to do this. After the session, and “communication” this was dissolved.
It feels so natural now that I can stand there and am ready to do so. ”       Jan Willem Elffers – The Leader Inside

* ”Helma, who I knew from my previous job, introduced me to Level Five Quaning. ‘Matter of fact’-minded as I am, I am generally quite skeptical about these methods/
sessions. But this skepticism seemed to be wrongly, as well in personnel sessions as in a session more focussed on business the instrument seems to be perfectly capable of
making the right analysis, put the finger exactly on the sore spot. I find it very useful and a pleasant way of analyzing, where expert guidance is a requirement for success.”
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* “We looked at the question ‘feeling safe’. The interview was an open discussion. There was room for all subjects without seeking the depth of the content, but nevertheless that,
the experience I had in this period (especially also at that moment), were directly visible through the quaning analysis. I thought that was very striking. Since I also allowed to be
open to this analysis, a very clear picture came to me. I was shocked a little here, because exactly these issues were currently playing with me. Also the solution
was simple. What I missed (but that is because in this case there was only a single session), was support in addressing the solution. Since I am a person who looks this up
herself, it was fine with me.
In the week following the quaning session, I was physically sick every day (something what usually does not bother me). After that week I worked actively on the solution
and the nausea disappeared. I experience the quaning not as a solution in itself, since I already had set actions. But I do experience the quaning as insightful and even better
in supporting you to take action on your own goals. “
Psychologist – anonymous


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My name is Helma, born in 1962, married and mother of two adolescents, living in the Netherlands. I am working as a business and personal coach/trainer, using spirituality and NLP since 1998. I've started developing business content for the Inergetix-CoRe system in 2008, together with many professionals. I am using this business application of the tool in my coaching. With special focus on this application we have developed a business concept for coaches and consultants. You can read more about this on

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