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Here are some testimonials of business consultants:

* “As part of my career development and the choices I had to make, I followed a quaning session to help me in determining the next steps in my career choice. I also used the tool in pilot form for some customers (including a large municipality and an organization in the field of Public Order and Safety), to support me to advise on organizational issues.
For me Quaning was a surprising and very helpful method to assist in making choices. Surprising because, for me, using the known principles of management science and coaching from a very different process, Quaning also comes to concrete and valid results. Very instructive if only to discover that there are other roads leading to Rome, then the beaten track. And the result was 100% accurate, we validated it retroactively, both for my own situation and as support for the organizations. And the great advantage of it for me was the speed of the process compared to methods of consulting and coaching I knew so far.

In summary, for me Quaning is a very fast and efficient method for people and organizations to assist in gaining more insight into personal and organizational issues and often to determine a possible solution, on which you can take action yourself.”

Birthe van der Voort

* “My experiences with the Level Five Quaning-sessions are very positive, both in terms of going through the process and in terms of results: concrete findings and recommendations, which were immediately recognizable and applicable for me. Before the session the whole process was explained very clearly by Helma, with clear practical examples, so my first impression of a ‘vague’ instrument disappeared and the approach and results were clearly based.  With this the process became transparant and understandable, which for me personnel is very important to give the results their place and to work with it. The speed with which we, by using the Level Five Quaning instrument, could penetrate to the core, I experienced as very striking.

The guidance of Helma was very professional, capable and lies at the core of my problem. Confrontating and a good contribution to my step to change. The added value of the sessions for me. lies in the conversation that led to a dialogue on the results.“

Drs. Miranda Lokkers RO EMIA, Manager Internal audit/risc management at an international consultancy organization


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My name is Helma, born in 1962, married and mother of two adolescents, living in the Netherlands. I am working as a business and personal coach/trainer, using spirituality and NLP since 1998. I've started developing business content for the Inergetix-CoRe system in 2008, together with many professionals. I am using this business application of the tool in my coaching. With special focus on this application we have developed a business concept for coaches and consultants. You can read more about this on

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