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Hi there! We like to share our experiences on using the business application of the Inergetix CoRe system called Level Five Quaning. Also in this specific business area the Inergetix CoRe system works very accurate and people are stunned by the analysis and results. We use it in different branches, different organizations and on different levels within organizations.

Think of government, business consultancy, training, banking, fashion, public relations, call centers, small business. Think of board of directors, management team, employees. Although organizations come to us with business oriented questions, we always start or include personal development. As you will know, that’s where transformation starts.

In the next posts you can read testimonials of our coachees. People and businesses we quaned (that’s our name for coaching or cosulting with the tool) during and after the development of the content we nowadays use.

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Helma Lieberwerth
Level Five Quaning

In this video I tell about how we met Inergetix CoRe and the development of the business application and the support of Kiran and Debora. You can find it at

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My name is Helma, born in 1962, married and mother of two adolescents, living in the Netherlands. I am working as a business and personal coach/trainer, using spirituality and NLP since 1998. I've started developing business content for the Inergetix-CoRe system in 2008, together with many professionals. I am using this business application of the tool in my coaching. With special focus on this application we have developed a business concept for coaches and consultants. You can read more about this on

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