Catholic church honors work of Kiran Schmidt


Cardinal Bertone

Another very positive encouragement from an unexpected side

Document that confirms Kiran's knighthood in the order of St Gregory

More that 2 years ago I had the honor to be admitted to the Order of St. Sylvester

Now again as unexpected as the first time this is being followed by being initiated as a Knight of the Grand cross in the Order of St Gregory

How do I understand this honor and what use do I and you have of it ?

The church has two aspects – the esotheric/ spiritual and the exotheric/ worldly  dimension. These two have existed and will always co-exist to provide the polarity that every entity needs to be alive and be a trans-formative instrument. Only in this field of tension DLE is possible.

Denying one polarity is the way into mis-understanding and disconnection. Many people today see only the exotheric aspect which treats the believers as sheep and the priest as their shepherd. Not perceiving the esotheric part – they create their own believe systems or even found their own church and make themselves Bishops or nuns of their own creation.

After Luther lost the ability to perceive the esotheric part of the catholic church, because the off the strong worldly aspect of the church displayed that time, he founded his own religion and this has found thousands of imitators since then who started countless churches.

These times of great polarity between two aspects, are always the time in which some try to go their own way (like in any relationship) and others stick to it not wanting to see the obvious conflict.  Then there is a third kind of people who transform the polarity/ difficulty/ challenge/ suffering/ contradiction/ paradox/ inconsistency/ opposition/ tension/ voltage/ stress into something better without breaking with the old but by taking it to a higher level. The renaissance was the result of this tension in the catholic church, Leonardo and Michelangelo used this voltage to beautifying the church, Luther to break with the church and Ignatius of Loyola to bring thousands of Jesuits that followed his example on a new track of life that presented them with new forms of opposition and the spiritual techniques to turn them into a deeper connection with the divine.

A church is like an operating system, it sets the basic rules, and it is individuals that create the application software, the applications to make this operating system useful. The Catholic church has 2000 years of history in which so many exceptional human beings  created new ways to connect to the informational and spiritual realm based on this operating system – many of these beings have been recognized by the church as saints.

The application software that these saints created form the informational bridges that make the esotheric body of the church, it is their souls. The soul you leave behind just as you leave your body, but the soul is of an informational nature so does not disintegrate with time. These souls, if we know how to connect to them are the software that builds the ladder the path towards more potent parts of the informational matrix which are eventually the link to the realm of consciousness.

When you go into a hospital today you can see that our culture has lost all concepts for the quality of information and their need for healing. A usual waiting room is equipped with a TV or some random magazines to kill time and energy. In this respect see this weeks post about the clinic concept that I am developing together with Marco in Portugal. 294w" sizes="(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px" />

the prophet Ezekiel and St Gregory and other saints

My connection to the catholic church is on one side a worldly one and I acknowledge gratefully that it is one reason why Inergetix and our work has not been attacked by any governmental agencies as those of most others. It proves what I state in so many places that I see the main role of the CoRe system as a tool to heal on the informational and spiritual level. In out vision and mission statement I make clear, and so should you, that we only diagnose, treat  and cure on the informational and spiritual  level and that results on the physical and energetic level are purely coincidental. That we are believers of the fundamental Cartesian division between body and mind ( how much you believe in this privately is your religious freedom).

So lets celebrate this worldly aid that is giving our work with the CoRe system such a unique foundation – not based on  lying or invented excuses. A foundation that has not been challenged by any governmental authority, because it is both honest and it is backed by the Holy See.

Second and to me more important is the fact that these honors also connect me, a non-catholic, with the great tradition, the informational field of the church that contains so many bridges to more potent areas of the matrix as well as to the realm of consciousness. I know that consciousness is not equivalent with thoughts, emotions, ideas, doctrines. Even the nicest new age church that may feel to have the perfect philosophy in place and e.g. does not limit the role of priests to men and does not inflict chastity and other rules that I may not like. BUT IT DOES NOT provide the bridges, the interfaces, that thousands of dedicated beings created over centuries.

If you connect with this understanding and make it your own you will feel the wind that this large sail is catching to make your journey more swift and successful.


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    Congratulations Kiran, this is a fantastic recognition,


    From a former catholic who grew spiritually out of religion, I am quite please to be reminded of the duality that every sect endures, and how well indeed the Vatican does to support us.

    I am especially impressed of the last element of this honor: “This honor has no particular obligations to the Church, except for the general ones stated above”. This really shows openness and willingness to help human consciousness.

    I now live and practice in Cambridge, which is so open and full of new sects and religions, that it is a blessing to see so many people mixing together. I hope we can still continue to see that we are all one, and Core is definitely a part of it.


    All the best,




    thank you Thierry for this first sign of life from my readers in 2 weeks …. Yes its great – we are trained in this culture to want things – without obligations – and best if it comes as in this case with the privilege “that I am allowed now to ride my own horse within the walls of the Vatican”

    • Thierry – now a little bit more serious- why are we so sensitive to not let us have any obligations towards the church – why is it clear to us that if we want some benefits from the state we live in that we have to pay taxes or why is it clear to us that if we want to have a fulfilling relationship we have to accept that this relationship brings some obligations – so why dont we apply the same to blessings from the side of religion ?

      Why would you think it is of any benefit if the Catholic church is giving me some great honors without any obligations – it is the new age naivety that believes you can get something without giving anything – it is all just empty

      As you say where you live in Cambridge there are so many new sects and religions but most  will say “We are all one” . What empty new age lip-service – intention without obligation is ZERO but this  is not a popular idea in a culture that believes the most real things are free – you  just have to want it enough – because the LAW OF ATTRACTION will provide.

      No – this is just imagination – I know I got what I got because I am ready to fulfill the obligations that come with it – if they are written on the document, does not make any difference to me.

      Intention without the readiness to invest energy – is nothing – this has been clear and obvious in the last few centuries but in this – we think or fear that someone would abuse our  spiritual ardor by wanting us to make any commitment

      In fact this is not a sign of our maturity but a sign that our understanding of the spiritual has come to a low point

  2. Hi Kiran,


    Ha ha… maybe your readers are not posting comments as they are wary of getting into a debate 😉


    You make valid points. But also, words are very limiting, and this is why sometimes, a message can be seen differently. I am seeing actually a lot of positivity with having “no obligations, but I feel that what you meant, in my “own words”, would be more “responsibility”.

    Some people get into religions, especially the big respected one, “forced” as a child, because society commands to go through this process, and at least in my experience, I saw it as “an obligation”, and I did not like it!

    Over the last few years, especially with my current growth, I have realised (or convinced myself) that you can not really force or oblige someone, at least not always and forever… and even if I could do it on temporary basis, it is going against what this person wants to experience, and also putting my energy where it could be used in a better way.

    However, I appreciate that every exchange/communication has to come with a sense of responsibility towards each other and ourselves has to grow as well….

    Regarding the growth of sects and religions, I personally see it as very beneficial and helping bringing back to spirituality as a whole. My feeling is that it gives more chance for more people to experience more things. And as long as they experience with an open heart and mind, hopefully they will take what they need and move along. What is dangerous is to become attached to your spiritual experience (or your sect), because then, you do not allow yourself to change anymore, and this goes against the DLE principle.


    Anyway, take care, and have a great day, where you are now J.




    Dear Thierry

    yes everything tends to go from one extreme to the other – as only in the middle you have the greatest DLE – and everyone tends to avoid this – thats why we have politics. After many hundred years of strictly following doctrine and forcing children to go to church – we think we have made a quantum leap in understanding and spiritual growth by having discarded it all.

    Believing in individual freedom and the right to create your own believe-system. Its to me – as usual – throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    For me understanding the need for contradiction/ stress/ tension/ disharmony/ dis-balance/ voltage is the first step towards DLE. Creating your own world, be it in your own sect or believe system is only one of the many ways in which you hope to get you out of the tension that “Unity in diversity” always poses. AND as I said, the talk today of “We are all ONE” but I do not have any obligation nor do I commit myself to this Union – is just nothing, empty lip-service.

    Until we go back to the other extreme – as many are doing already with hyper-dogmatic religions.

    yes thank you for having the courage to open the communication


    PS – I also looked at your video at John of God, and this was very good and deep. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  3. Dear Thierry

    Your attitude “Regarding the growth of sects and religions, I personally see it as very beneficial and helping bringing back to spirituality as a whole. My feeling is that it gives more chance for more people to experience more things.”

    is the common attitude of our times “the more variety – the better” and it is usually not questions because it is so close to our cultural program that it is considered Self-evident.

    However I will show you in the next week’s post that it is exactly this attitude that is the informational reason for the increase of cancer in our times.

    certainly nothing that our new-age mind wants to hear-

    and a reason why my standpoint is so controversial