Change and What Really Causes Diseases


Change and What Really Causes Diseases

When thinking of diseases and discrepancies, one starts wondering the origination of all; where did they come from, why did they occur in the first place and what are the causes of persistence and recurrence. Modern sciences explain that diseases are there because of some problem at the root of the physical being. But is this really true? If so, why haven’t there ever been any real cures for whatever happens inside the human body? Why does the disease come back, or lay dormant waiting for the right environment to resurface again? These are questions that are still mysteries waiting to be solved.

And this is where we believe DLE or Holograms come into the picture. According to what has been proven centuries ago, by not so modern civilizations, the whole being of an individual is dependent upon the spiritual or the highest level. This is the place where a person truly exists and it is some issue on this level that leads to the emergence of disease. Throughout this book, I will give you my husband’s views on what really is the reason for the occurrence of a disease, but here I would like to discuss the concept of DLE and how it not only became the central focus of the CoRe system, but what we believe is the one thing that can take us to the highest level of our beings. We now know that it is the imbalance in DLE that gives way to disease and negative changes in human life.

DLE (Dynamic Labile Equilibrium)

Dynamic Labile Equilibrium or DLE is the state of being. It is what you can call the perfect state of equilibrium. “This state is the unifying principle behind modalities as diverse as EDS, computerized radionics, kinesiology, pendulums, oracles, intuition, creativity, and health in general”.

But you might wonder what it is in itself? DLE is the exact balance of the opposites, be it strength or flexibility, open or focused states in a moment or such other things. It is the one point or instance where you are completely in the present and have no thoughts of the past or the future within you.

You are totally in sync with the realities of now. Any thoughts of what could have been or what might be are removed from the head. You cease to obsess over the what’s and why’s and how’s and just exist in the most balanced comfort zone of the self and are in tune with who you are at the very core of your being. And this state allows you to feel and sense a lot more than you would have in any other state because you can feel the connections with others, the reaction of the body to everything around it and the thought of being at one with everything that is in the environment. In simple words, you are able to envision concepts in terms of time and space as well as cause and its effect.

The thing about this state is that since you are focused fully on what is happening in the present it means that you will be able to do everything to the optimum level. Be it cooking or gardening, singing or doing woodwork, everything will turn out in the best possible manner. Again, the reason is the same; you are not constantly striving for a balance or constancy like you do in routine life. Instead you are at peace with who you are and completely whole.

What needs to be understood is that life in all its glory or health, if that is what you like to call it, depends on Dynamic Labile Equilibrium. You may notice that children are the ones who seem to have it the most, which is why they are the healthiest, mostly. Yet as they grow up their struggle for a consistency or stability increases and hence DLE decreases and they become more prone to sickness and diseases of all kinds.

You will be interested to find out that keeping allopathic medicine and treatment aside, all other kinds of alternative treatments are dependent on the DLE of the practitioner, but since no individual is able to maintain this state, the treatment does not work as is expected. This is the reason why we know that the CoRe system works because it is based on the principle of informational matrix that does not rely on any kind of time or space and can thus maintain the echoes of DLE at all time, no matter when it is used or where it used. With the CoRe system, the practitioner would be able to create DLE in such a way that no matter what the condition of the patient may be, it will appear on the forefront so that treatment is not only possible but also successful. This is the reason why it has had such huge successes with seemingly untreatable diseases. We understand that further research is required on the subject of DLE and how it can be created outside the system or what is required for individuals to access it, but as of yet, CoRe provides solutions that were not there before. This is the reason that our patients can rely on us for any kind of ailment.

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