CoRe’s help with my husband’s stroke


A lady CoRe user to whom I am giving support sent me this message – David

On the afternoon of May 20th 2006 my husband suffered a stroke. Up to the time he was delivered in to hospital I gave him a homeopathic remedy for strokes. In the first hospital he was treated they diagnosed a palatoplegia. After he was transferred to a second hospital a CT-Examination showed a thalamus infarct and a posterior infarct with left hemi paresis and dsyarthria.

Long after midnight I was told to leave the hospital and my husband begged me insistently to treat the necessary organs with CoRe (Organ-Balancing). It was eight hours after the stroke that I had the first opportunity to work with CoRe 4.0. First of all with the homeopathic analysis CoRe showed Arnica. I chose D 12 and communicated this to my husband. Then in the Organs-Window I treated all the organs. Under “respiratory” I was horrified to find very high resonances and it was only later that I found out that the risk of  Pneumonia after a stroke is very high. I balanced all organs up to an improvement of 100%. The next day my husband was able to get in to the wheelchair without help, his talking, eating and drinking were completely normal. When I said goodbye to him he was able to read the Sunday newspaper.

On May 21st, 22nd and 23rd I balanced the organs again up to an improvement of 100%, the homeopathic analysis with the window “Treatments”.

On May 25th (4 days after the stroke) said he wanted to be allowed to return home as he said he could just as well take Aspirin and acid blockers at home. He was instructed to leave his bed immediately and to put his clothes on himself (we’re not a hotel!) and to leave the room. He was already able to walk the long corridor to the elevator to meet me as I arrived in the entrance hall.

At home the treatment with CoRe 4.0 was continued and I was very thankful for the CoRe analysis Hypericum. The respiratory values improved and with Causticum we were able to reduce the parentheses to a minimum.

Summary: a stroke is a situation with a multi-organ-participation. Thanks to the Organ-Balancing (improvement) of the CoRe 4.0 system it was possible to achieve a universal balance of the organs.

The homeopathic analyses were incredible.

I would never want to be without my CoRe-System.



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