CoRe – a good, reliable, honest and trustworthy friend


Hello Kiran

Actually wanted to speak in praise of Core and how I find it in practice.

This comes from London, so am not pron to writing love-songs, or love letters about CoRe, though I can see why the last person did. Here is a summing up of my experience put in simple English:

CoRe is like a good,
trustworthy and intimate friend who is with you when you are looking to balance an eco system { I regard all beings (human and otherwise) as ecosystems and not only physically speaking }.
Being with me, CoRe suggests, illuminates-highlights, points the finger at a spot, or a remedy and often throw light on hidden areas.
It helps to understand the client thoroughly and deeply.

It makes no demands, even when I chose to ignore what it suggests, the results are excellent. CoRe doesn’t ‘mind’, it is still there like a reliable good friend ready to help again.

A true friend like that is what we all look for and want.

Many thanks!
Rachel Harrison
By Eco= ecological system, ie; a system which has everything within it and is connected to the mega ecosystem outside itself and therefore inter-dependent.


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