CoRe helping sufferers of Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia


Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia relief using the CoRe Inergetix system with Katherine, changes people’s lives… from continual fatigue and pain, to more energy, less fatigue… and now after 12 months of treatment … going to the Gym with a trainer!! Feeling fit and healthy, full of energy… full of life

CoRe and Katherine have helped me have my life back to normal.


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Jordana came to see me and she was very very fatigued… she suffered from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia with full symptoms..  She was tired all the time, she had a foggy head, could not concentrate… needed to sleep.. She has two young children and was exhausted all day… her quality of sleep was very poor…her skin was very pale… and she was continually trying to improve her health and did not know where to go or what else to try….  We started treatment on the CoRe… she improved slowly,   after 8 months of treatment,  i had seen allot of improvement but she needed much more work done on her to bring her to the level that she would not need sleep during the day as she was so tired… she was only 28 years old…. by 12 months… WELL  not only did she not need to sleep during the day… but she is going to the gymnasium two to three times a week for a work out… she feels fantastic… full of life full of energy… a truly remarkable improvement… I still see her once a month…. we used the plasma generator, electrodes, magnetic mattress for Jordana


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