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Dear Kiran

I would like to investigate how CoRe can be applied to agriculture. I know many people are doing the same. Among them a  Don Paris PhD who sells his SE-5 which he claims can be used for such purpose. I looked into the description of his machine and found out that it operates on a different principle. If you know anyone who has tried this with CoRe, please refer him to me. I believe this is a promising field to explore and if successful will benefit mankind far more than healing. There is a big market in China for this kind of technology. Above all we do not have companies like Monsanto to interfere with its application. I need all the help Kiran and you can give. I simply have no clue as where to start. Perhaps I can get some scientists in Beijing to cooperate if I can present some kind of feasible proposals.

Do you think that I do not need a custom tray for this application? What kind of identity and filter I must fill in to enable an analysis? What is a locator number? I need an actual example to perform on my house plants that don’t look very healthy. It will be more convincing if I have personally achieved some good result when I go to Beijing. Something like the picture of flower Don Paris showed on his website.



Kiran’s Reply

Hello CT

I spend some time with Don Paris this year in Bali just before we met in Singapore…he

lives there and has a retreat center…. the SE-5 is the oldest radionic system and he

inherited it ….. we are friends and not competitors and we share an interesting Coincidence story how we met and this goes as follows:

I was sitting in a restaurant in Bali and did a Skype call to a person in Italy and I mentioned “Radionic” and after I finished he came over from

the other table and asked me what I was doing as he is the owner of the SE-5 company which is one of the oldest radionic systems.

Also we found out that his wife is German and we met her a few days before and she had asked us in a restaurant which is at the Bali volcano

to take care of her things for a moment…. a beautiful story of resonance…. and we spend some good time together there discussing our common


to treat fields is just as easy as doing it for humans… attach a locator number to the field or plant…… run an analysis and then do a communication… You generate the locator number by clicking on the button of the Patient screen and then write it on a paper and attach it to the plant to the field that you wan to treat.

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Second :  the KISS “Keep it Super Simple”  principle is very important in Informational Medicine, which means use as much information as necessary and as little as possible. My best approach is to use only 2 TWO results from 1 ONE evaluation…. usually it is the first 2 items that often show the key informational polarity/ tension/ conflict/ DLE that the person/ plant/ animal is currently experiencing

Third : dont think it matters much what groups you choose because even if “jelousy” comes up for a wheat field…. what is communicted is the informational matrix that is the internal representation of this concept…… and it works…. just the same if you whisper “I love you” into the ear of somebody you truly love….or in the ear of your cat or your plants and it will not matter if you say it in english or Chinese and internally the CoRe does not use words but the informational pattern that were associated with this client and the resonant items that were added to the Communication.

Communication works by having a pointer (word, symbol, matrix) that points to the actual object in the “Informational Matrix” as well as to the client at the same time and this is what makes the connection between them. CoRe is the technical tool to make this possible.

This is NO 1 of the Science of Informational therapy and the NO 1 of the informational reason for disease is the following :

Disease comes because something looses connection on an informational level to other objects in Information space/ Morphological field/ Intrinsic data field/ Field of variation/ Akashik record/ Matrix/ World of Ideas

Fourth : CoRe can help you to find what is the issue or the issues that need attention…. but please see in this example how we have lost the ability to see the world different then from the WESTERN DOER point of view…. you did not even think that it is YOU who needs treatment as YOU have lost the informational connection to your plants….. It is clear that in places where people have a connection to their plants and animals it is very unlikely that they dont strive.

but of course our left brain has a problem with that



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  1. Hi CT

    I have been using the CoRe on our property for a couple of years. My initial locator is the property name, the 2nd is the road address and the 3rd is it latitude and longitude.
    In agriculture, everything starts with having the soil in balance, which can be viewed informationally, energetically and physically, in terms of biology and chemistry.
    I created my own trays based on Hugh Lovel’s work in Biodynamics (which includes the biodynamic preparations, peppers and commands such as “optimalise soil moisture”), Bruce Copen’s radionic rates for agriculture,
    Agnihotra, Paramagnetism, Sanjeeveni prayer and a range of environmentally sound commercial preparations.
    I am still very much learning and, probably, Kiran will think I am much too literal in my approach. I started in agriculture using a simple radionic black box, Malcolm Rae cards and, of course, a pendulum. A recent soil test indicated the soils are coming more into balance – with no physical application of fertilisers.


    I just found this post on agriculture, and I really love it. Thanks all for the insight in it. I have used homeopathy a lot in my garden in the past, and after reading it, I decided to run Core on it… Impatience came up as a biggie!


    This is really great to have a tool that allows in a simple way to pick up informational imbalances.