CoRe Version 7 on the horizon – Training in Rome and Melbourne & Webinar


after more than 13 years of Inergetix and 4 years with version 6 we are preparing another Quantum Leap with the upcoming version 7.

13 years ago we started with the Informational Version and were first to offer reproducible results

based on pattern recognition and statistic evaluation. Then we added energetic components that allow practitioners to turn information into energetic pattern of light, electricity, magnetism and sound for client specific therapy.

Also 13 years ago I gave the name CoRe – standing for Coincidence Recognition to my system – now making  this name even more appropriate as Version 7 will add Heart Rate Variability as a key indicator to validate scanning results that were produced by the CoRe Algorithm and more than that we will be first to record and analyse Heart pattern changes in response to Frequency therapy and also track the results of therapy on a 24/7 basis with HRV. This will validate Informational and Frequency Therapy by a widely accepted standard.

Best of all Version 7 will be free for all current version 6 users if they agree that the chosen treatment details and results are uploaded to a cloud database which will allow us to prove the efficacy of our tools and refine them and associated training based on thousands of automatically generated therapy records (names or pictures of the clients are not recorded)

Superior training and support is also top on our priority list – for example we are offering one Training in October with Katherine in Melbourne and one with Andrea and his team and Kiran in Rome in January 2017 (please see a first outline below) – tentatively this will also the be release event for version 7.

Marco da Silva Paulo is going to offer a free webinar on 24/09 at 13:00  (Portugal time) to help to make a connection between all therapists. The objective of this is to increase the understanding of therapists not only with the core system but also with energy healing itself. The necessary basis of a common ground in understanding and sharing results providing more and faster solutions for the patient. Look for Quadtrinity on facebook to log in or the Core group also on facebook or direct contact with Marco via Skype (marco.da.silva.paulo) or e-mail (

Last but not least I am delighted to announce another milestone which is the release of a book about Informational and Energetic concepts and tools developed over the last 10  years that I have

written together with my beloved Debora – it is available now on Amazon


so hope to see you in Rome



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