Defining Eigen – Connecting with Your Eigen


Defining Eigen

Simply put, the Eigen is defined as “self”. It involves the realization of innumerable realities around you. In essence, you are not the combination of the innumerable ‘things’ that claim to be you; there is a single existence beneath the infinite layers of identities you have.

People often associate their wealth, their material possessions, their social status and their skills with their identities. The Eigen is free from all these material elements. If anything, the Eigen is bare and unprotected. It takes detachment from your worldly luxuries to find your Eigen. You have to be a minimalist – a person who can survive on minimal needs – to understand what you truly are!

The definition of Eigen is abstract and incomplete. It compels you to be sensitive about your presence beyond what you experience in this worldly life. It is difficult to conclude precisely how you can get in touch with your Eigen or what do you experience when you connect. All we do know is this; it is a life-changing event.

The moment you realize what your life is all about or why it has been so tough on you, you are no longer a naïve being. You don’t think about petty matters or whine about unimportant elements of your life. You head out to make the change you were destined to make. It is truly an illuminating experience to face your core.

Most people emerge stronger, more determined and more powerful from this encounter. So when and if there is a point in your life where you seem to go through a 180° transformation within moments, it is safe to assume this is the moment when you are in close proximity with your Eigen.

For the most part, it is indescribable! It is not like looking at yourself in the mirror; it gives you the ability to look much deeper. Science explains it as the over-stimulation of one side of the brain – that is how it appears beneath your skin and bones. This is what some scientific experts have tried to replicate while trying to mimic the “out of this world” experiences. So while the “God-Helmet” – or the equipment that over-stimulates one part of your brain – does exist, it will not necessarily get you any closer to your Eigen.

Astral projections might make it easier for you to understand the phenomenon. But keep in mind that getting in touch with your Eigen is nowhere near this phenomenon – it is just a way to explain what connecting with the Eigen may look like.

Astral projections are a myth that has been nurtured through centuries as something fantastical and spiritual. It is the liberation of the soul from the body in a way that allows the spirit to be free. In this state, the spirit has magical powers and can view the world from a wholly different perspective. More or less, this is the underlying principle when it is about connecting with your Eigen.

Eigen is your essence, your core, your reason to live! It helps you view the materialistic world around you with a wholly different perspective – the perspective of reason and purpose. Just like the spirit views the body from a third person’s perspective in astral projections, you are able to view your life and of those around you from a third person’s perspective once you get in touch with your Eigen.

There are moments when you think you want something really badly and you begin working towards it, but when and if you are able to achieve this particular goal, it doesn’t really let you feel truly happy. This is where you realize how the Eigen makes things work around you.

The body and mind are in fact illusions of existence. The Eigen is what survives beneath these coats of illusions. The reason you are unable to feel happy despite having done something you’ve yearned for is a clear indication that this particular task does not agree with your Eigen. And when your Eigen does not feel happy or satisfied, it goes a long way to manifest its signs in your life.

On the other hand, there are certain moments in life when you don’t really do something big but you go through an inexplicable episode of true happiness. It makes you wonder why you feel the way you do but there is no denial of the fact that the feelings exist. It is safe to assume these emotions and activities are aligned with your core’s true will, and hence the manifestation occurs the way it does.

Our lives are multi-faceted. The things we do or do not do are in fact aligned with the nature’s eerie laws. We are under the impression that we are in control of our lives and of our conditions when in fact we are being played by nature. Our true existence is the Eigen.

Throughout our lives, the Eigen makes its presence, likes and dislikes felt. It takes perseverance to differentiate between the things/activities that make us truly happy and those that are wishful and materialistic representations of the mind. By following the Eigen, most people can find their way out of desperation that seems to overcome given the inability to feel happy.

At this point, let’s look at a pretty common phrase being used by people everywhere! “Follow your heart!” What do you think it means? Scientifically and philosophically, it is a well-established fact that the heart has got little to do with your thought process. This is the job of the brain. It is believed

the people of yester years were actually referring to the Eigen when they built this phrase. Probably because the phrase is catchy and exciting, they let it be the way it is!

“Follow Your Heart and You Will Be Successful”. It actually implies the same way for the Eigen. If you can decipher the signals your Eigen communicates to you, you’ll be able to reach the apex. There is no rocket science involved in here, and we have a host of testimonials to support this idea. It really works!

In essence, your Eigen is the difference between what you want and what you need. Finding your true identity takes a lot of time and observation. What is it that makes you feel truly happy? What is it that gives you a mere illusion of happiness? Once you’ve learnt to differentiate between the two, you’ll be able to make the most of the time you have!

Let me tell you about my husband for a moment. He realized nothing makes him feel happier than seeing his patients recover from their mental and physical illnesses. This is what agreed with his Eigen. He realized that of the zillion activities he does day in and day out, this is singularly one of the most rewarding experiences. So when he understood the call of his core, he decided to dedicate his life to it. So far, he has been experiencing success in all definitions of the term. Not only has he helped cure seemingly incurable patients, he has also branded himself and his inventions under a name that is well-received by most people now!

At this point, you should have a fair idea about what the Eigen is. Simply put, it is your real “self”. It is the entity that lives beneath those layers of skin and flesh. Despite this, it is one of the most difficult entities to get hold of. It takes years’ of observation and minimalistic lifestyle to figure out what we truly need. Our materialistic possessions are no meter to gauge our happiness. But if you’ve satisfied your Eigen, then it doesn’t matter whether you have a bed to sleep on or not, you will be one of the happiest people alive on the face of this earth!

Despite years’ of research and practice, it is very difficult to define the word Eigen. The closest definition we have on our hands is that it is the “self”. Through the following pages of this book, we will try to introduce you to other concepts related with this phenomenon that will help you understand the topic in a better manner.

The science of spirituality is vast and literally boundless. We still don’t consider ourselves to be an expert on the topic even after having invented the equipment that clearly delivers positive outcomes. It then goes without saying that you actually don’t have to be a master of this science in order to make the best use of your time; you simply have to be smart enough to make intelligent choices! Your Eigen is magnanimous, but just being aware of its existence can put you on the path to success!

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