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Moments of Enlightenment

A lot has been said about what the Eigen is. And throughout the course of this book, we hope to give you a very good understanding of the phenomenon so that you can turn around your life in a way that is rewarding, fulfilling and filled with happiness. You don’t really need to worry about a thousand things in your life if you are caring well for your Eigen. It is one of the principles of nature; if you are doing the right things (that are in fact determined by your Eigen), the world will conspire to help you achieve your goals. Mystical as it sounds, it is actually true!

Being aware of your Eigen is your first step towards a better life. But merely knowing what the Eigen is will not lead you towards it. It is easy to mistake the signals. This is the reason why it is so difficult to get in touch with your Eigen. In fact, we’ve been confusing the signals all our lives, pursuing things that help satiate our ego but do little to satisfy the Eigen! This is what brings us here in the first place!

So how can you get in touch with your Eigen? What happens when you finally get in touch with your Eigen? That is something we like referring to as “Moments of Enlightenment”. It is not exactly describable. And like the concept of alternative medicine that we’ve propagated throughout this book, the experiences are subjective. It is not necessary for your moment of enlightenment to be identical to those of your peers. And that is the moment when you just know you’ve achieved the biggest goal of your life!


Moments of Enlightenment are defined as “out of the world” experiences. You become aware of your realities when you are in a life and death situation.  is the moment you truly realize how worthless and meaningless your material possessions are. Naturally, this is the time when you are best in touch with your core.

If you’ve ever been in a car accident or any other accident for that matter, you would understand the transformation in a better way. Actually, the experience affects the onlookers in more or less the same way as those involved in the event. It is pretty shocking; to realize that in moments, the world can come to an end and in the same moment, nature may choose to give you another chance to meet your purpose!

If you are consciously looking for ways to connect with your Eigen, that is part of your wisdom. But in most cases, people are brought face to face with this reality in an incident similar to the one mentioned above. This is why it is called the “Moment of Enlightenment”. It is a way to make you realize the existence of your Eigen. In other words, it is the manifestation of the Eigen in your life.

One way to connect with your Eigen (or to experience the Moment of Enlightenment) is to pursue the life of a minimalist. It implies the life of poverty with basic necessities and zero luxuries. This is the way monks did it previously in order to get in touch with their Eigen. It may be a little old fashioned, but this method still works well for a lot of people out there. However, given the way the world has transformed around us, it is safe to assume this method is moderately challenging, if not outright impossible. While it definitely works, most people won’t be able to stick to the routine long enough to connect with their core.

Moments involving a life and death situation also bring you closer to your Eigen. Now it is not t suggested that you to jump off a cliff simply to get in touch with your Eigen – it is outright crazy and delirious! There is no guarantee you would survive to change your life the way your core demands. So, let’s assume this method applies to those who are unfortunately put in such a situation by nature. There are safer routes to get there, so you don’t really need to be outrageous in your efforts to seek your Eigen.

Your moment of enlightenment may be hidden in your daily activities. As mentioned previously, the Eigen manifests itself in your lives in the form of “true” happiness. What are the things that make you truly happy? Do you feel happy and satisfied pursuing the choices you’ve made in life? Is there something missing that keeps making its absence felt? Do you feel depressed, locked down or stuck in your life? That is most certainly a sign that your Eigen is unhappy!

Make some strategic and measurable changes to your life and see how they work for you. The changes need not be major ones but a couple of minor ones might do just as well. Are they getting you any closer to the happiness you’ve dreamed about? If not, it is time to improvise again.

The thing with this method is this; it takes time and close observation to figure out. For this, you actually need to be aware of the theories beforehand so that you can make a positive change.  For the most part, it is a conscious effort. It is not as though you would stumble across something that will make you happy – you need to seek out those activities that make you happy!

Humans are naturally wired to be compassionate and helpful towards others. Philanthropy may prove to be helpful in the beginning. Over time, however, you will need to identify your motivators besides philanthropy. It is a continuous process of evolution – searching for the next better alternative at every stage.

Some people might find religion, religious texts and rituals as the source to find the inner self. Your religion or beliefs are spiritual in all senses of the word. It allows you to project negative energies out of the body and the soul so that you can achieve inner peace. When there are fewer distractions putting you off the course, you stand a better chance of finding what you are looking for!

Likewise, you can use each of the healing powers to modify your energies and informational matrix in order to reach the metaphysical realm of existence. Do keep in mind that the powers work subjectively, so you might need to figure your configuration by experimentation before you can experience true liberation. What works for you might not work for others in your group! The triggers will be different for different people.

If none of this seems workable to you, there is one other alternative that will definitely help you attain your moment of enlightenment. And while the intention is not to boast about the inventions, the bioresonance LaesEr system can actually help you on your quest.

As a matter of fact, the bioresonance LaesEr system was never meant for spiritual transformation. It is one of the unforeseen side-effects of the technology which was discovered recently through testimonials and experimentation. We believe what really happens is that when the biofield is measured and reciprocated, it alters the informational matrix, removing informational clutter and making you more aware of your realities. The experience is not exactly spiritual – it is more scientific and logical than it feels!

The bioresonance LaesEr system isolates you from social noise and distractions. For the duration that you are subjected to the treatment, there is little interaction or exchange of any sort. It is almost like putting you in a solitary state. Naturally, when there are fewer distractions, it gives you a chance to focus on yourself, on your realities and your spiritual inclinations.

It is not as though a single treatment will make transform you altogether. The changes are subtle and usually emerge over time. Patients undergo multiple treatment appointments before they notice any observable change in themselves. The idea is to make a positive change every time – regardless of how immaterial or minor it is!

It wholly depends on you – how do you want to make things work for you? Would you rather work on your own or have some external help in the form of the bioresonance system? Do you think you can “get there” without an incentive?

At this point, one thing needs to be mentioned; the bioresonance system does not make you addicted to it! It helps you heal inside out. It merely serves as a support system rather than the medicine. You can stop the treatment once you are completely healed. It doesn’t have to be a life-long dependence. But the problem with our lifestyles and our environment is this; these factors promote a relapse. So while it appears to be the outcome of ending the treatment, it is actually the result of getting back to the routine that made you “sick” in the first place! So unless you are ready to make phenomenal changes to your life, you won’t really be able to benefit from any lasting results!

People have found their core even without the use of the bioresonance system. The intention is not to advocate that this is the only way the modern human can connect with the Eigen. The point that we are trying to make is that the system will help you. Through appropriate coaching, we might actually be able to speed up the process. In the end, it all depends on you!

The moment of enlightenment is just a means to connect. The journey begins when you are consciously seeking out your objectives. It takes a realization to turn around your life. Are you willing to make that move? In any case, your Eigen will continue to make its presence felt. So while you may think you are in control, you are actually just playing into the hands of the nature!

The bioresonance LaesEr session system is what allows you to connect with your core. As mentioned before, what happens is that all the distractions and social noise is blocked out, you are left in calm and peaceful environment which allows you to focus on everything about you. Everything that makes up you as a person, the ‘you’ who is meant to be!

This way you are able to connect with your own self because there is nothing else which is going to cause interruption. You are left in a timeless void where nothing is in a hurry and you don’t have to anything other than concentrate on the demands of the self. You give yourself the attention that you need. You will literally be able to feel the energy coming right at you are releasing from within all that is insignificant.

One of the patients who went through the experience describes it as energy making her head, fingers and ears move without any conscious effort. It was as if an invisible force was trying to rotate her entire being. Another patient, who took the session in Bucharest, said that the feeling was one of utter peace and contentment. He said that it was like when you are about to drop off to sleep and are secure in the knowledge that you are safe. This is how it feels like to be in connection with the self.

Once you are able to connect with your true self, you will not always have to rely on the aid of the bioresonance LaesEr session. You will eventually be able to practice it on your own.      

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Defining Eigen – Moments of Enlightenment


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