Defining Eigen – Polarities and Entanglement of Polarities


Polarities and Entanglement of Polarities

Polarities are perhaps one of the most important aspects of information energy medicine. Why? Because they are the ones that decide our perceptions of day to day living! But if you are not sure about what polarities are, they are simply the opposites of each other. For example, night and day, light and dark, hot and cold, and even yes and no. These are the polarities that form the basics of our life. It is what leads us to our reality. We would not be able to perceive life without them, because they make the basics of facts. A life without polarities is simply impossible to imagine.


When it comes to energy, there exist a negative polarity and a positive one. When energies interact either with each other or with other objects, the polarities play a major role in the outcome of that interaction. The result can be where one form of energy overtakes the other, or since both the energies were of equal strength, they become neutralized. This way polarities manifest in one form or the other depending on their reinforcement.

The question that comes to mind is this, what is the acceptable and preferred mode of the interaction of polarities? What entanglement is the one that leads to best results which mean the attainment of health? And how can we possibly get a hold of them? And what is the way to entangle polarities of energy and information to get access to good health, free from all forms of disease?  All the questions that might be confusing you now are answered one by one in further chapters.

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Table Of Contents


The Science And Philosophy Of Health And Healing

The Healing Powers

The Healing Power – Vision

The Healing Power – Beauty

The Healing Power – Music

The Healing Power – Symbols

The Healing Power – Prayers

The Healing Power – Purpose

The Healing Power – Color

The Healing Power – Emotion

The Healing Power – Communication

Spirituality – Connecting with Your Eigen

Defining-eigen – Connecting with Your Eigen

Defining Eigen – Moments of Enlightenment

Defining Eigen – Polarities and Entanglement of Polarities


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