Determine your male-female proportion


I guess many of you have not taken the few minutes to make the 50 YES/ NO decisions that could teach you a lot.

Not that this could possibly reveal  if you  are possibly a transsexual in disguise but to learn something on how inadequate our left brain approach is to most essential questions.

Left brain is valuable to store telephone numbers and names and to know what is right and left (so if you always had a problem with that – its actually a good sign that you are not completely a slave of your left brain)

However to determine if you or your client is male or female, successful or unsuccessful, has autism or not, is pregnant or not,  if he has a physical problem or an informational problem – this cannot and should not be decided by the left brain but by an alternation process between right and left hemisphere.

In the ancient yogic tradition, language is said to be the source of delusion – where the root cause of
delusion is “objectification” of the world and its phenomena versus feeling, seeing, experiencing,
and knowing the world as a whole. When our minds assign names and definitions to phenomena we
turn those phenomena into objects, lifting them out of the natural panorama in which they exist, ulti-
mately creating a disintegrated world view, this understanding of the cosmos as a set of objects taking
us farther and farther away from what the ancients considered the true reality

What I am giving you here, is an insight how you can over-come this ancient dilemma, without becoming a recluse and believing/ hoping/ asserting that the mind is  an obstacle to experiencing the world in its totality – no it is not but a half-brain approach to the world is. When we learn how to alternate between Analysis and Synthesis  “We will see the world as for the very first time”

I am spending this time on something that most  have thought to be self-evident. Whether  someone is male or female you probably thought (copied from our cultural believe) is a questions of hormone levels and physical organs.  As long as your hormone level – physical organ combination fits that of the majority you feel “YOU KNOW” but (as always) the feeling or certainty of knowing is a form of inertia that eventually in old age has to be reset by death.

Only if “hormone level – physical organ combination” do not fit that of the majority we and particularly those for whom this is the case have a problem to decide/ define/ know what/ who they are. We think and are trained to believe that this is a bad thing as our culture has programmed us to search/ prefer/ value  certainty above un-certainty.

What I want to show you with this little exercise is that even for all of those for whom “hormone level – physical organ combination” DO FIT that of the majority it is not appropriate to define yourself as categorical MALE or FEMALE because if you do this many of you will have areas where your personal attributes do not match the image of male or female of the majority and thus will lead to conflicts with your definition (illusion) that eventually if unobserved make you sick or better will need sickness to come in to unlock this particular stagnation.

Putting people in a box, what we use to call diagnosing, is the most dangerous, iatrogenic disease of all and still does not even show in the list of iatrogenic disease :

In the United States, figures suggest estimated iatrogenic deaths per year of[1]:

  • 12,000 due to unnecessary surgery
  • 7,000 due to medication errors in hospitals
  • 20,000 due to other errors in hospitals
  • 80,000 due to infections in hospitals
  • 106,000 due to non-error, negative effects of drugs

We do not yet count the short/long term effects of diseases that only set in after a diagnosis (right or wrong does not matter) was made.

Our cultural addiction to specify and give labels to complex combinations of attributes is so brutal and unquestioned part of our education that we think it useful or even necessary and certainly not potentially harmful, if we lack any insight to label a child with PDD-NOS “Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified “ see

If you feel confused/ uncertain/ disoriented after all that – welcome to a better health – you are younger as a result – curious  and wondering again – open to learn things in a new way and not afraid to restart.

To show you that the 50 questions I proposed in the last post on the male-female question was only a superficial first step at a closer look, these 50 questions have now been reformulated in 2 different modes – take the time to circle in each row – either the YES or the NO and make a choice – this is good use of the left brain – although you want to throw the whole thing out of the window – as deep down something tells you that will shake your established window to the world.

Then add up in each column of Test A and B the all the YES or NO you circled and multiply it by 2. The number in the X column is your female percentage and the number in column Y  your male percentage  according to test A or B respectively – what this means I will discuss in the next weeks post ( and please don’t be afraid to comment ) Lene do you still think “You learned enough about what it means to be male or female from reading magazines and new age books ?

TEST A : male-female balance X Y
I learned learned from my parents to sleep on the right side of my spouse Yes NO
All my friends spend a lot of time and money on their physical appearance so I do it also Yes NO
I believe I should consider freedom more important than security NO Yes
From early childhood on I was taught that harmony is more important than necessarily making the truth public Yes NO
My parents always wanted me to have a penis NO Yes
My father wanted me to love to watch sports with him NO Yes
I think is the natural law to be predominately passive when it comes to making contact to the opposite sex Yes NO
I learned to love cooking from my mother Yes NO
I believe in the christian idea that marriage should be sexually monogamous
Yes NO
I think having a good sense of smell is a girl-thing NO Yes
When coming to a door- I believe it is a matter of good manners that I should open it first NO Yes
I do not feel always comfortable but if my friends start to talk about others, I just join in. Yes NO
It would set me down in the eyes of my friends if I let myself be dominated NO Yes
It was the expectation of my father that I should have a vagina Yes NO
Having a beard makes me more secure and attractive NO Yes
I agree that my gender should not have hair growing on back or arms NO Yes
Your mood changes often with the expectations of others Yes NO
For me to have kids and to care for them is what is expected from my family Yes NO
I know we usually should be sexually aroused quicker than the girls. NO Yes
My mother always told me that for sex to be really enjoyable it needs an emotional connection first Yes NO
I learned from my friends to start reading magazines where they talk about other peoples lives Yes NO
I was always expected to be the one who fixes things NO Yes
I was often put into the position to find the way for others NO Yes
Dirt and oil has been around me since my early childhood NO Yes
I have learned early to act as if I am frightened. Yes NO
Using others to my advantage I learned in my family Yes NO
It is part of my self-image to ask others for help Yes NO
I believe it is necessary to show strength and independence not to be abused NO Yes
From all what I have observed around me, things have to be romantic to make me feel good Yes NO
I learned early that it is safer to be more hard then flexible NO Yes
I frequently act the way others expect me to. Yes NO
I have long hair because that was always the custom Yes NO
I have to be more extrovert than introvert as this is what my position requires NO Yes
I have been taught to cover my nipples, already when I was a child Yes Yes
If my voice would not be strong and assertive nobody would listen NO Yes
I had to learned early to fix gadgets NO Yes
It is my role to be indirect rather than direct in my approach Yes NO
If not me – nobody will drive NO Yes
Its is my function to pay NO Yes
In my position it is smarter to follow Yes NO
My job requires me to often look into the mirror Yes NO
I made it a rule for me to wait rather than to contest Yes NO
I am using all my will power to absorb a lot until I explode Yes NO
I was never given the time to write long letters NO Yes
I was always expected to lead rather than follow NO Yes
It was often profitable to appear more fragile then enduring Yes NO
Its how we do things – talk about problems rather than keep them for ourselves Yes NO
I guess I should like to take things apart to see how they work NO Yes
I learned early to be quicker to blame than to justify NO Yes
If I did not learn to be able to break the rules rather than obey, I would often be the looser NO Yes

TEST B male-female balance X Y
It feels so natural to only sleep on the right side of my spouse Yes NO
I love to spend time and money without end on my physical appearance Yes NO
Freedom inspires me whereas security makes me sleepy NO Yes
Harmony makes my heart feel so good and I would always keep things confidential that could upset it Yes NO
I am very proud of my penis NO Yes
It would be very hard for me to live a life without watching sports NO Yes
I tried it otherwise but it feels better to be passive when it comes to making contact to the opposite sex Yes NO
Cooking I never had to learn, it was always part of me Yes NO
I am open, really I do not know if ” relationship means sexual monogamy ” Yes NO
I never paid much attention to fragrance probably my sense of smell is not as good as that of others NO Yes
I love to open the door for others NO Yes
I was told often, but still often cannot stop to talk about others in their absence Yes NO
I don’t think anybody would be able to dominate me for long NO Yes
I love my vagina Yes NO
I have hair growing in my faith, why not? NO Yes
I never paid attention to the hair growing on my back or arms. NO Yes
Only now that you ask, I feel the connection to the phases of the moon. Yes NO
My instincts are all alive and vibrant being around kids Yes NO
Sex bypasses my mind and often also emotions NO Yes
It is unthinkable for me to have sex without an emotional connection Yes NO
I tend to forget myself when I read about other peoples lives Yes NO
I cannot stop making things practical NO Yes
A good sense of orientation, is part of my talents, I never had to train it. NO Yes
I have spoiled many cloth but dirt and oil just jumps on me NO Yes
I guess fear was and will always be a big part of my life Yes NO
I know it is a weakness but I tend to use others to my advantage Yes NO
I enjoy to ask others for help Yes NO
Strength and independence are so important to me NO Yes
I really cannot explain it but to be romantic makes me feel good Yes NO
It feels more natural for me to be more hard then flexible NO Yes
I feel like a flute that existence plays a melody on Yes NO
I would not like myself with short hair Yes NO
I feel more at ease being more extrovert than introvert NO Yes
I love my two nipples Yes Yes
My voice is strong and assertive, never could imagine it to be otherwise NO Yes
I like to fix gadgets – why not ? NO Yes
To be indirect is more easy for me Yes NO
It feels better to be the one who drives NO Yes
It feels better to be the one who pays NO Yes
I is easy for me to follow Yes NO
Its hard for me to acknowledge but I look often into the mirror Yes NO
If I can choose I wait rather than contest Yes NO
I feel like a sponge, I can absorb a lot until explode Yes NO
I am not very associative so my letters are usually short NO Yes
I tend naturally to lead rather than follow NO Yes
I fear I am more fragile then enduring Yes NO
I am taking a lot of energy from talk about problems rather than keeping them for myself Yes NO
Nobody taught me but I like to take things apart to see how they work NO Yes
There is an unfavorable tendency in me that tends more to blame than to justify
NO Yes
I never had a problem to break the rules rather than obey NO Yes

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  1. OK, Kiran challenges me to open my mouth again. Of cause, we can get information from books and internet, but true learning still comes through getting blisters and bruises on your own skin.

    For the reason “God only knows” the human beings are “split”: into guys and gals. Less important what you look like below your waist, but how masculine and feminine energies play in your body. Why? – At least, for the reason of having healthy relationships with your partner with balanced aspects of male-female roles in your union. Especially, if you want to sustain a playful, passionate attraction to each other, only love would not be enough. You must polarize your union (this subject is too vast and complicated to discuss here).  

    I’m very curious what opinion Kiran has about “yes” and “no” and how they are  related to sex, because to me, questions are very slightly related to my gender but mostly to who I am. And most questions have no answers at all. Here are some of them (for the sake of example and not get you loaded with my crap):

    1. I learned from my parents to sleep on the right side of my spouse – no matter how much I love my partner, I prefer my own separated bed.
    2. I believe I should consider freedom more important than security – Freedom is very important, security is very comfortable.  
    3. My parents always wanted me to have a penis – Who cares what they wanted.
    4. If not me – nobody will drive – true, but with a reliable driver I love to relax in the passenger seat.
    5. If I did not learn to be able to break the rules rather than obey, I would often be the looser – I follow rules that must be followed, but take chance where I can. It’s like with driving. Road rules are for idiots. If you are a mature person with common sense you would drive according what rules dictate any way. Idiots drive like idiots regardless rules. And why not drive faster on the empty road with limit 80 km if you don’t jeopardise anybody?  

    And so on…
    Wish you all enjoy being in your own skin and not making stories (definitions) about who you are. Lana.  

    Kiran’s comment :
    well to probably everyone but yourself it is obvious that you have more than 50% male – and if you would not make so much noise with your left brain – just answer YES or NO – you would see this and it would make you understand what kind or relationships never will work for you – but most people today are trained to make things so complicated that they themselves do not see the basics anymore
    As at all times – but more today then ever – people imagine they are creating the person they want to be themselves – but if you travel as much as I do you can see that there are american woman programs, Brazilian woman programs, German woman programs – and of course all of them think they created themselves.

    exercises like this questionnaire are a way to get to know yourself – not to define yourself – and this way you can understand how CoRe works when it comes up with – Penis problem – for Lana