Dinner with my early mentor Dr. Rudiger Dahlke and Rita Fasel


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- just a few of the many books by Dr Dahlke that you fing on Amazon

This week in Bali I again had the pleasure to meet with Dr Dahlke and Rita Fasel.

This post is also in honor and memoriam of Dr Thorwald Detlefsen who was an early cooperator with Dr Dahlke who died last month on the 1st December 2010

I will not attempt to put the content of the many books by Dr Dahlke into a few words – but I recommend you to get at least one of these books and see and learn from his style of bringing meaning and informational connection to so many diseases that are usually considered body mis-functions. Also he is one of the few to show the influence that thought, symbol and ritual have in our lives for better or for worth.

Is is so lucky to have Rita Fasel at his side who shares his interest in this field and they have just released a new book, written together about “What your feet and hands tell about you” that allow you (for now only in German) to decipher the Holograms that we call hand or foot.


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