DLE – and consciousness



Robin Craig Clark comment :

The state of DLE is like walking on sacred ground  and will clear your mind and open your heart.There is a bridge between your physical being and the intangible essence of your spirit, gently guiding your mind through a doorway of transcendence to a higher plane of existence. Our world needs to undergo an incredible transformation to heal our emotions and weary bodies. We need to sincerely reconnect to spirit and love.


Kiran´s reply :

DLE – and consciousness

“Something has happened to my understanding of existence that makes my heart always full of wonder and kindness. “ Hafiz

I very much resonate with what Robin says and I know it is another level of DLE.

DLE is the principle that describes the need for waking and sleeping, male and female, inhalation and exhalation, sugar and alcohol on the physical level. It is the principle between alternation and polarity on the energetic level but also it provides a measure to gauge the fluidity or rigidity of all informational concepts we and our patients might have that causes the need for illness.

DLE is a concept of the duality of the physical, energetic and informational world, just as Yin and Yang, right and left and all the other polarity-concepts but differently than the common concept of Yin & Yang it stresses the need for a meta-stable state as the most important aspect. In short it is of not much importance if something is Yin or Yang but if it is in a stable (dead, unhealthy) or labile (alive) state.


The esotheric symbol of the labyrinth expresses the DLE between Inside-Outside, Knowing-Notknowing, present-destination...http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/labyrinth1-300x224.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 448px) 100vw, 448px" />

The esotheric symbol of the labyrinth expresses the DLE between Inside-Outside, Knowing-Notknowing, present-destination...

But also and most importantly it is the bridge to the world of non-duality of oneness. So it is really sacred ground and best of all it is always around, we are never short of polarity that is waiting for us to recognize it for what it is “sacred ground” not a battle ground not a mistake of creation, not something that we eventually will leave behind when enlightenment strikes….. it is the very essence of being alive “of being where the 2 worlds touch “ any two worlds but certainly best where the informational and spiritual world are touching….. and Hafiz describes this in the following way :

“All my words, are sung outside her window, for when she lets me in I take a thousand oaths of silence”


When we understand that DLE is the sacred ground and not some final end state of NON-attachment. Religion keeps us in a state of continuous sin in as we cannot achieve what is simply not part of the divine plan, a state free of sin, free of polarity, free of mind-activity, free of temptation (and certainly the part in the lords prayer that says “lord lead us not in temptation” is a big mistake as without temptation without DLE we would be dead).


And new age ideas are not better, as of course they are just copies in different words. They talk of mindfulness and mean actually a quiet mind, which is only then perfect when it has reached that absolute stillness that emptiness that is projected for enlightenment.


Also our brain is the labyrinth as which we experience it some times in order to function as an antenna for the informational matrix.http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/does-this-not-look-like-our-brain1-300x281.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 638px) 100vw, 638px" />

Also our brain is the labyrinth as which we experience it some times in order to function as an antenna for the informational matrix.


Also in this field the concept of DLE is giving a very fresh and liberating new approach. The attempt to quiet the mind is life giving to the degree that we know that the empty mind is only possible when we are dead but that the attempt and re-attempt of non-thought is what is the way to life and the believe that we just have not really mastered mind-control when thoughts are still popping up again and again is the analogue of the sin-concept in religion.


Hafiz is my poet because he had the courage to sing about wine and women in a society that considered both a sin and because he talks about the real, the temptation not as something that finally can be overcome but as the living quest for evolution. That is why he has survived all the corruption that Islamic religion has undergone in the last 1000 years :

“I am the scarred yearning in the unrequited soul, I am the applauding Chef of those precious secretions that can distill the whole mind into a perfect wincing jewel, if only for a moment.”




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  1. Zelda van der Berg on

    DLE – A Parable

    As a child I was fascinated by the concept of a “magic flying carpet”. I was an avid reader with a vivid imagination and could spend hours on my own magic carpet travelling to places I had only read about, or sometimes even to inexplicable spaces beyond my dreams. Even now I can still find myself on a flying carpet, my own sacred space.

    The carpet is always moving, never still, fast or slow, up or down, always moving. Sometimes I can be found curled up, invisibly hoping that everything would just pass me by. Sometimes I can be found off the back, hanging on to the fringe, dragging my heels in an effort to slow it down or maybe even make it stop. Sometimes the ride is very bumpy and I find the carpet weighed down by so many things. Sometimes I can be found lazily spread out, just observing the passing pictures.

    And then there are rare moments that I find myself standing up, balanced, as if riding a surfboard. Suddenly I have a panoramic view of the landscape, I can see so much! I can glide down to a garden to drift among the flowers, or I can swoop up to frighten a flock of pigeons. I see an approaching storm and realize I have a choice to make – detour around or fly over?

    I am aware how blessed I am to be able to make a choice this time – this must be DLE at work in my life, a heightened awareness that allows me to choose how to interact with the uncertainty of life with an open heart and eyes. Instead of cowering in a corner or screaming at the storm for being unfair, I can choose a more productive path. I can go around the storm and see many interesting things and meet new people on the way, or I can be brave and fly over the storm, higher than I have ever gone before………

    Then I make a decision, easily and naturally – without hesitation I grab an umbrella and fly through the rainstorm after seeing what a mess those pigeons had made on my carpet!:)

    With love