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Dear Kiran.

(I’m writing you this personally, I don’t want give the impression of polemize in the forum. If you like, you can post to the forum).

You write in your last post:

“Truth will convince those with eyes to see … and will never convince the blind”

This is ok, and I was remembered a tale about Budha, when he was fully awake in the state before incarnate in his last life, and the gods was treating to convince him for incarnate to help the sentient beings: “Those who can see, see. Those who can don’t see, don’t see, so, What I can do? I’m not necessary”.

The reply of the gods was: “What about those who are in the middle?”

The Buddha says: “ok”, and incarnates.

I think that the same appears to show the informational world to those who are in the middle and are searching for 2009 knowledge.

But those who are in the middle feel a sensation of curiosity or another, when he-she listen-read, and in this point, his road to be awakened starts.

All they people who are in the middle need a little more than those who already can see, but many minor that those who are blind.

It’s possible to design researches for those who are in the middle and for those who already can see.

The blind people is simply not important. May be in some moment, in some time, and in some place in the future, they advance to being in the middle too, but not now.

A great huge and all the best.

Miguel Ferrada Gutiérrez

CSO & Founder,

Cognoscible Technologies

Science & Technology Consultancy


Kiran´s reply :

Dear Miguel

You are very right we have to find ways to access the world that CoRe opens to us, we have to do research and more research.

But I know it is not the way we have approached all other technologies.

Of course there existed since long the philosophy that if we are not dealing with something that is explainable by current physics it will be with future physics (the idea of hidden parameters that Einstein expected) or that the un-explained phenomena are based on some psychic powers/intention either conscious or unconscious.

I know your reasoning from Sunday school “Jesus could do all these miracles but we have to first learn the basics” which meant usually to study the bible. Our whole culture is based on the idea/concept/illusion that masters first needs to learn the basic tricks/recopies/protocols for people in the middle, like you and me… that is the how believe/religion is still controlling us no matter how much we think we have outgrown it.

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What I am offering you is something very new, and please prove me wrong, I have not read it anywhere before. I know that in our culture that has so much predominance of left brain activity it would be a step backwards to device any protocols on how to operate the CoRe system.

Why ? Because CoRe is based on a DLE generator and if you  want to help or understand its working you have to have more DLE in your life. Giving you step by step how-to-do for beginners/people-in-the-middle would only strengthen the left brain which is about rules/principles/A,B,C/1,2,3.

I know this concept is hard to grasp or to copy because it is simply revolting to our cultural upbringing east or west, so I don’t need to make a secret of it, the secret will protect itself and only be understood/valued/taken seriously by people who are ready for it, who have eyes and ears to see and hear.

However you don’t have to be a Jesus or Buddha to start using this concept but you have to have an readyness to question all your knowledge/opinion/theories/believes that you had until now not only in principle but in actual fact.

When I was in coma in Egypt after my accident 4 years ago I had a friend at my bedside who recorded what I said then ….. here is one:

“There is no ABC recipe. Like a rock balancing – it is an almost impossible situation. Religion tries to create more solid foundations but the work is the result of the moment and not based on believe or verification. Verification like believe is always in the past. It is the impossible religion, it is always original and new.”


This I said when I was given 20% survival chance in a hospital in the oasis Fayum that did not even have hot water and of course I don’t remember any of that.

Now this is all totally clear to me and I know this concept of DLE was given to me as Walt Whitman says to “Launch all men and women (who are ready for it) forward with me into the unknown”, certainly not as a guru or new leader but as someone who does not have any other choice.

Please all those who feel increasingly uncomfortable by all this talk don’t read any further and know as I have said many times CoRe works if you believe in it or not, in fact the less you use believe the better you will be, just evaluate and use the top items of communication or information and EMDR.

What we discuss here is for those who also want to integrate the concept of DLE into their life and relationship to  the CoRe system.

Here is another of the recordings of me talking in coma :

“Our health care must be turned around. Illness is not the time of limited perception but of increased awareness and sensitivity.”


Who of you  would have seen illness this way ?,,,,, certainly most would not see this aspect no matter how holistic they think they are. Why? Because we have been trained to believe/assume/think that illness is a time of being handicapped of needing help in the first place not as a time of new potential or extrasensory perception.

“Another definition of DLE is BEING IN THE MIDDLE”


Being in the middle of Knowing-Not knowing, Right-Left brain, physical-spiritual, having-not having, death-life, attachment-non attachment, past-future, labile-equilibrium and all the other polarities that we commonly give up struggling with by settling for one or the other.

But being in the middle does not mean to be average, balanced, a yes-no person, undecided, neutral, non-partisan but by being in a DLE that means dynamically going back and forth between the polarities at hand.

In the current issue if we should give some formula of protocols for beginners with CoRe…. I know that this would only strengthen our left brain approach to the CoRe system and as I said our current problem is that our left brain is dominant. I even think that this in not a recent issue but something that was always the case, maybe not to the current degree.

Socrates a man that is considered the wisest of antiquity and that we know created most of our western cultural believe-system said about himself.

“I know I know nothing.”


If we assume he did not say this only from false piety but as a way that he really experienced himself we see here  another form of DLE …. that between knowing and not knowing, that again we do not cultivate. When you begin in school you are treated as “not-knowing” and given so many test until you finally agree that you did not know anything until finally you get a degree and a title and everyone worships you as a Doctor or Professor so long until again you are convinced you are knowing.

Disease and coma are again two states that are not understood as what they really are, times of DLE, and DLE is the state of being in the middle between the informational matrix and the physical world, a sensitive antenna that has the potential to transcend/bridge/connect the common limits like that of knowledge/body/mind/time/space.



Now of course the question will pose itself “How to get into DLE” as we all would like to transcend so many of the boundaries/limitations that you are all painfully aware of.

Certainly there are numerous (imaginary) short cuts most commonly the believe that you are already there….. or you can go the hard way to look for near death experiences via car-racing or mountain climbing.

You can also travel like me, 74 counties in 2 years, never staying in the same bed for longer than 3 days, this will certainly create the DLE. An experience/way of life that made the gypsies, what they are, the people with the greatest potential to see beyond the common limits.

If neither of the above is to your taste just use the CoRe and try not to get into its way with pre-conceptions, know-it-better, yes-but-thinking or all the other left brain activities.

That is why I know the research and training that you ask for is not the way to bring you closer to CoRe but further away…… and certainly I will talk more about DLE and the ways to get there…. Because it is my daily bread.


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  1. Have faith in the 100 Monkey Principle. We are all where we are suppose to be and learning, experiencing for the masses. Those who are ready will open up, elevate and soar bring the others along. All will follow.
    If you observe new theories as they emerge, it resonates in various parts of the world with same like-minded thought without an explanation of how others are coming to same awareness. The power.of higher consciosness and thought will resonate, and carry others along until the awakeng evolves. The lotus opens in it’s own time.

  2. Dear Kiran…
    Yes! I resonate strongly with your words here. This makes so much sense to me–not as a “scientist” but as a mystic.
    When I read The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, my insides said, “I know how to do that–I just can’t remember.” Like Socrates, I know that I know nothing and yet when I am in a state of DLE, I know everything. That knowing is not in the traditional sense of education and having achieved a state of intellectual ownership. Being in DLE puts me “in the know” where all possibility / options / is-ness exists.
    Ha! Yes.

  3. Judith Rohlfer on

    I am having great difficulty understanding DLE, but this article was very helpful.
    However, as I begin to understand DLE and try to exist in it, I also have to “operate” in the old or left-brained world.
    My difficulty is how to operate in BOTH. Any suggestions?
    Lovelight, Judith