DLE and CoRe


DLE and CoRe

As mentioned above, the CoRe system is based on the concept of how DLE works. It generates the state of DLE so that the practitioner, as well as the patient, is able to function to the best of their capabilities and is able to visit the disease at its root level in order to clear it. And this is also where Kiran, my husband derived his theory of healthy living as well as healing. The whole purpose of CoRe was to ensure that healing could take place in an environment where it was holistic.


But where did he come up with the idea that it was only DLE that could lead to the creation of CoRe? The answer is pretty simple. Kiran realized that what was before considered to be random event, coincidence or even a random-number generator was not that, but that it actually did mean something. Here are the things that he discovered in his research.

The first thing is that all random generators have one thing in common and that is a liability element. In the CoRe system we use a semi conductor for the randomness generator, which has an electron source, and the electrons are emitted in no particular order and are completely unpredictable. Likewise, the quantum effect is totally random. Let us take an example to make this clearer. When you look at any radioactive element, you discover that its decay is completely random, without any chance of predicting when it would begin the process of decay. The event simply cannot be estimated on an individual level.

Interestingly enough, this was not the case at the atomic level only but with all life events, whenever they are looked at on an individual or single level. For example, the attribute or action of one single leaf on a tree or a bird in its flock could not be determined when a storm was on the horizon. If you think about it, you will realize that yes you can say the whole flock of birds would fly towards south in winters, but what if it was a single bird you were looking at? Could you predict whether or not it would migrate? The answer Kiran discovered was a straightforward no. This is the reason statistical answers are always about a group of things or beings, not the individual.

This is when my husband got to the idea of a quantum leap, which indicated that what seemed like a liability element or a singular coincidence was in actuality a meaningful output that was not yet understood. A quantum leap is something that happens all of a sudden without any process involved or without the presence of any prior signs of it taking place. This most certainly does not mean that it was not understandable or that it made no sense, simply that it was unpredictable because it was a sudden and singular occurrence.

This was perfectly applicable to and defined the idea of disease, loss of life, war and other such things. These seeming liabilities are unexpected and unpredictable because they do not give any warning before they take place. But again, the thought is that it does not mean they do not hold a purpose or that they are meaningless. The strange thing here is that these are the times when people not only suddenly become aware of them, but also find meaning in them or understand the logic of their occurrence. Only when they have taken place because they are a singular event do we really understand or begin to realize the logic behind their occurrence.

This is where the philosophy of the CoRe system came from in the first place. It made Kiran realize that true healing and health could only be attained from the balance of DLE. In his own words, the CoRe system that is based on the simple but revolutionary concept that only a DYNAMIC interplay between EQUILIBRIUM and LABILITY can be called health and that disease occurs if either EQUILIBRIUM or, and as such until now completely unrecognized, LABILITY had been limited. AND that in most cases to add stability was contra-indicated for healing as in fact the complementary aspect LABILITY was missing. (EQUILIBRIUM should not be confused with Stability or Balance; it means an EQUAL degree of LIBRIUM (freedom) in every direction”).


You will be surprised to find that the ideas he came up with were not unique but came from the oldest modes of medicine and healing techniques. They have failed because nobody is willing to take out the time to understand them or realize their worth and value. Modern doctors have the sign of Yin-Yang on their doors, but do not even know the true meaning behind what it depicts; the perfect harmony or balance that leads to health. This symbol, along with another popular symbol that is of Caduceus explains how the balance between two opposite forces needs to be gained in order for true and absolute health to take place.

What all modern medicine, especially allopathic medicine, seems to have forgotten is the Dynamic movement where the there is an ongoing back and forth between the acidic and the alkaline, because one state is stagnancy and it leads to the emergence of disease. This is perfectly explained by the synchronized movement on night and day and how one without the other would not mean anything or lose its value. This is what health is all about and how the balance or harmony between two contradictory forces can keep it on going.

The DLE and CoRe are intricately linked, promoting a holistic sense of well-being for different patients. As with most alternative medicines, the treatment is subjective. Different modes of treatment work for different people. The key to health and fitness lies in identifying your perfect match! With the CoRe system, I am sure you’ll be able to do that with utmost ease!

(Adapted from http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/dle/)

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DLE and CoRe


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