DLE and dreams


I don’t know why, but this makes me think of dreaming. It feels like the way you describe  DLE – “the state of being in the middle between the informational matrix and the physical world” and so on – is a similar state to where/how we are when we access information in dreams and, when “awake” when we notice and are helped by coincidences and when we use our imagination, and tap into what Robert Moss calls “imaginal” events (ie they are real, but don’t look like it 🙂  ).

Could you say something about dreams if this resonates with you?


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DLE and dreams


Yes you are right dreams are very much connected to DLE. When you observe you will see that you have most dreams in the twilight zone of waking and sleeping either in the evening before falling asleep or in the morning just before waking up.


Again the DLE is the all-connecting principle to explain why we dream just at that time. Here a dynamic labile equilibrium state is possible between the polarities of waking and sleeping.

There exists also a quite different form of dreaming which occurs during the REM (Rapid eye movement) phases, these dreams we usually do not remember but they appear to be even more essential for our well being. In this case the DLE is not between sleeping and waking but between our left and right hemisphere. The movement of eyes from right to left facilitates the rapid switching between right and left brain and this is what we use to create an induced DLE state when we use the Inergetix – EMDR program.

A DLE state no matter how it is evoked has the potential to be a bridge between the physical state and the informational state. When dreaming we either store our daily experiences on the informational matrix or we sometimes retrieve important information about past or future that we can guide us.


Different , what most would believe, are these intermediate states not states of less coordination. We would think for example that our waking state has a much higher degree of control and we frequently experience falling asleep and waking up as chaotic with all the thoughts and emotions that arise during that time. Again the DLE state has this quality of chaos of randomness that we culturally are trained to abstain so much.

However when looking for example at a Heart Rate Variability graph made with the Wild Divine software of which I was fortunate to meet the CEO last week in San Diego, it looks surprisingly different then what most people would expect.




Heart Coherence measured with the Wild Divine Systemhttp://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/heart-coherence-300x122.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 848px) 100vw, 848px" />

Heart Coherence measured with the Wild Divine System


During most times of the day and for most people the Heart Rate Coherence which is a measure for its synchronization with the breath is in the twenties or thirties however here, for me, just on falling asleep it is over 60. The Heart Rate Variability on the other hand is relatively high which is a very healthy sign.


Only a few years ago most scientist would have considered a high heart rate variability a sign of sickness as again our cultural believe-system is telling us that stability/reproducibility/consistency is much superior to lability and randomness. Again the concept of DLE is explaining why a higher heart rate variability is more healthy than a heart rhythm that is stable and predictable.

And the DLE is always the dynamic interplay of two polarities in the case of Heart Rate coherence it is that of synchronization of heart rate and breath rate at the same time with a variable heart rate and certaily all physical is connected to the heart :


The reason why we are so uncomfortable with all DLE states is for one our cultural program but also because we have not learned that lability in whatever form will attract its balancing state if we do not forcefully try to introduce stability with anti-not-sleeping pills, anti-biotics, anti-histamine, anti-depressants anti-aging drugs.

I hope you can start to perceive the universality and power the little concept of DLE has to explain and connect so many until now unexplainable phenomena.

PS: and of course hypnotic states and trance states that are frequently used by mediums like “John of God” is another form of DLE that has exactly the same function to connect us to the informational matrix that guides our physical experience….. more about this in another post.



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