DLE and How it is Connected to Us


DLE and How it is Connected to Us

Understanding what DLE is and how it is connected to not just us but everything around us is the first major strop in realizing how much our health and well being. Only when you begin to see what is the root cause that you will truly be able to understand how to get rid of the issue completely. And this is where DLE comes into the picture.

Kiran, my husband, has made informational level his life’s work and has been working hard to see how it can be used in order to make sure that true health can be achieved. This is the reason that he ended studying quantum or non-linear methodologies. It was discovered that all the answers that were reached were through the efforts of a random number generator. Of course there were different kinds of generators involved like software generators, and other such things that would produce random numbers like semiconductors, electrical devices, physical noise produced by headphones and light sources. All of these could be used give proper measuring values.

He realized that all the seemingly random numbers were connected with remedies that were already stored in a database and the results were obtained in the form of quantum consciousness interface values. And this was the one thing he focused on. Were the numbers really as random as they seemed to be? Or was there some meaning lying behind what appeared to be a coincidence?

He discovered, after much research that what has been believed for centuries to be a random process, is not so random after all. There is very important information involved in all the coincidental and seemingly random information. What’s more, all the random information has one thing that is common and that is Meta-Stable-State, which even though is basically the same, can be generated through various methods. This is how Kiran defines Meta-Stable-State, “META-STABLE-STATE is a dynamic oscillation between two incompatible states most generally that of Lability and Stability ….. This was the birth of the term “Dynamic Labile Equilibrium” also known as DLE”.

You would be interest to learn that these Meta-Stable states are not simply the part of humanity. It is everywhere in nature. The more complex an organism or being, the more it is going to be connected to the meta-stable state. Consider the example of weather. It can change suddenly without any prior warning. The sun can hide behind the clouds; a sandstorm can become visible on the horizon, so on and so forth. Likewise, there can be a Tsunami or an earthquake, a flood or a drought without any precursors of change. Same is the case with living beings like humans, plants and animals. Their DLE state can shift and they become ill without any kind of symptoms.

This is the reason why meta-stable states or lability has a negative aura around it, a kind of fear that it would only lead to something negative and which is why has to be avoided in order to remain safe. And this is the one thing that needs to end. The problem is that from our educational system to the mindset that our society persists in, we have been focusing and emphasizing on control, discipline, memorization, hard, cold facts, repetition, reproducibility, detail orientated knowledge and consistency. And these are the things that lead to the negative review of lability. They have created such fear that people are simply unable to let go of the negative connation and see it for its reality.

We are all ok with the idea of giving seemingly beneficial medicines for health like anti-depressives, anti-histamines, vaccines, anti-acids, anti-aging, anti-biotic and even anti-pains. But the idea of DLE is foreign and alien. This is because it emphasizes staying true to the center of gravity, while trying to accept change as it should be. The idea is not to let the let the focus go out.

DLE and its understanding mean that you are opening doorways to principles that assert life, not the other way round. It is not a glitch or problem that took place in nature, but rather it is the change which if embraced could bring about perfect health and well being. The reason sickness prevails in the first place is that there is too much stability enforced in a system that is meant to be evolving or ever changing. Enforce mono cultures or thinking patterns that are all the same and you will notice that a kind of lifestyle sickness overcomes the society or nation. This happens because nature and nurture both need change in order for progress and betterment.

Think of matter as an example. The electrons and protons are the most important messengers and receivers of energy and information, so they are bringer of change. Just like that, meta-stable-states also bring in and lead out information and hence are the things that keep the informational matrix in contact with our consciousness. Without them, there would be no progress, no development, and no newness so to say, in life. This is the reason why it is a must that we accept it and cherish it. If health and well being is to be attained DLE is must!

(Adapted from http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/dle-dynamic-labile-equilibrium/)

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