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Dear All

probably most of you can see here for the first time what the Yin – Yang  symbol has to do with the Sinus wave, the symbol of energy.

My dear friend Nuno Nina found the time between his 20 clients a day to make this animation that puts my idea in very educative from :

When asking at my seminars ” What is the aim of a holistic hearler ” I generally get a lot of silence or sometimes the generic answer “To create balance”

Now this concept associates for most people the picture of a scale that is balanced, which means standstill.

This concept of healing is however not new it is what also allopathic medicine prescribes most often “rest, less excitement in other words stability”……

DLE is the new/old concept that health actually is a dynamic alteration of stability and lability and that the very essence of health is “openness to change”

and consequently the essence of disease is “a resentment towards change”….. on all levels physcially, energetically, informationally and spiritually.

This new concept is a the heart of the CoRe technology but also at the heart of  the CoRe philosophy and it has the power to change your life and the way you practice healing

More about this soon….


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    • Hi Nuno,

      I am so impressed with you seeing 20 clients a day.

      Would you please share with the group how to attact the many clients and how you are able to perform 20 CoRe evaluations in a day?

      Thank you so much.

      Tony Mullen

  1. Gentlepeople,

    Thanks Nuno for your animation and Kiran for your explanation.

    My answer to “What is the aim of a holistic healer?” is to help clients attune to the Divine and become healed in every way.

    My answer to “What does DLE really accomplish?” is help people attune to the Divine and become healed in every way.

    I think your animation Nuno and your explanation Kiran validate these answers.


  2. Dear Tony and All

    I want to tell my view why I know Nuno is so successful. He lives in Portugal, is electronic engineer by first training and has his clinic in Lisbon. When I was last time there he showed me his 3 now 4 treatment rooms all equipped with a CoRe, not only has he about 20 people a day but 2-3 assistants handle the other 40 clients in the other rooms…. and the showed me his appointment book…. he is booked out for several month in advance.

    So how is this possible, as he is using the same CoRe as all of you…. he will hopefully tell you some more secrets, but the biggest secret is something you probably see better as an outsider. To see as he said recently “That CoRe is an extension of your SELF”.

    So what does this mean, again I hope he will tell you more. What I observe in all my contacts with practitioners that “With CoRe you truly harvest what you put out” …. people who get stuck on “spelling errors” will NEVER be successful with CoRe — I guarantee — its the left brain that wants to keep its control while facing all the information coming from CoRe that only can be understood together with the right brain.

    He told me “CoRe is never wrong” if you dont understand something it is because you are missing parts of the picture. For me this is the biggest key to his or anyone’s success…. its not believe but the “absence of doubt”…. its the meaning behind the story of being able to “walk on the water” ….. Water is information…. the left brain demands hard, solid and straight facts (information) the right knows how to work with the fluid form of information that is the common form and that CoRe works with.

    And here is another secret that “Nuno I hope you are not mad at me that I make it public” makes him so successful. He cares for his clients but he does not get hooked to them as most of the time when he treats people with CoRe he reads books on the side in his computer instead of being lost in the story of each and every one. And what is this ? Its the DLE state.

    Again it all comes down to living a life of DLE and he is a perfect example of this…. when I asked him “Can you represent CoRe this weekend in Oslo… he said yes right away and he is there right now…. when I asked him if he can do a presentation in August in Brazil again “Yes” without a moment of hesitation.

    … and now maybe you think ….. he can probably have such a lifestyle because he is married to his job and a bachelor…. again you follow the old ideas…. NO he is married to his beautiful wife Paula and has 6 SIX children.

    so yes please tell your story