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The concept of DLE Dynamic Labile Equilibrium is central to the working of the CoRe system as well as my philosophy of health and healing.

The creation of this concept occurred when I realized that what the output of what was until then considered a random-event or random-number generator was actually meaningful.

1. When investigating those randomness generators in all its forms I understood that they all had a lability element in common. Semi-conductors for example that we use in the CoRe system as randomness generator have a electron source that emits electrons in an unpredictable way.

2. I realized that Quantum-effect  is synonym  with Random-effect, for example the decay of a radio active element cannot be predicted on an individual level and as such is a random event.

3. These effects were not limited to atomic events but were the case for all events that are the result of a greater number of individuals. For example what one leave on a tree does in a storm or one bird or fish does in its swarm may be unpredictable but what the whole of them does is very well predictable by statistical means.

4. The next quantum-leap in understanding came when I understood that it is this LABILITY ELEMENT that acts as an antenna to a domain from where it gets the input for the MEANINGFUL OUTPUT that it is generating. (The term quantum-leap comes from the fact that certain processes do not develop in a gradual manner but happen suddenly, as a singularity, without proportional causes and as such make it unpredictable/ random).

5. An even greater applicability of these findings was possible once I realized that all of the events that create a state of lability in human life like loss, disease, war, danger are equally based in most cases on unpredictable/ unexpected events AND that these are generally the times when we understand NEW MEANING apparently instantaneously without a logical/ linear/ time-based/ causal base.

6. This formed the foundation for my new system of healing and health that I am gradually unfolding on this forum, my seminars and in its practical application in the CoRe system that is based on the simple but revolutionary concept that only a DYNAMIC interplay between EQUILIBRIUM and LABILITY can be called health and that disease occurs if either EQUILIBRIUM or, and as such until now completely unrecognized, LABILITY had been limited. AND that in most cases to add stability was contra-indicated for healing as in fact the complementary aspect LABILITY was missing. (EQUILIBRIUM should not be confused with Stability or Balance, it means an EQUAL degree of LIBRIUM (freedom) in every direction.

these key point of the CoRe System were part of the oldest ideas of medicine and philosophy of life and have been communicated over the centuries in the form of symbols that today now nobody can interpret anymore.

Most doctors of the eastern kind for example have a Yin-Yang symbol at their door, not knowing more about its meaning then that health means BALANCE…..

http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/yin-yang21-300x282.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />

On the doors of western doctors, hospitals, emergency vehicles we see the Aesculap sign:

Again most doctors  would not be able to explain what it means or even know that the older and more original version of this Symbol was the Caduceus sign (below)

http://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/caduceus-247x300.png 247w" sizes="(max-width: 286px) 100vw, 286px" />

With the Yin-Yang and the Caduceus symbol it is easy to see that one of their meaning is “THE BALANCE BETWEEN 2 OPPOSING FORCES” that has to be achieved and that most doctors east or west,  alopathic or holistic if asked what it means “To Cure” would say “To create a state of balance”.

Please note that even under this very limited perspective it becomes clear that the Aesculap sign that is a truncated Caduceus symbol represents very appropriately the one-sided approach of most modern medicine.

However more importantly what both allopathic as well as most holistic medicine has forgotten is the fact that there should be a DYNAMIC movement between these forces as night follows the day so we should move from having an acid cell milieu to a more alkaline one and then again more acid just as there is no greater value in a never-ending day then in a eternal night .

You will find may examples of the  DLE and more detailed discussion here :



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