Don’t imitate chicken


In a hundred years from now many now considered “scientific approaches”  will look childish.

Energy looks, feels, smells so much more real and substantial than Information not because we can see, or hold it in our hands any more tangibly  then Information but simply because we have learned to handle it with more experience. Not individually, because who really was able to explain in detail how a cell phone works but as a culture.

However it is individuals that want to prove the reality of modalities like homeopathy with theories about the molecular clusters. With finely selected water-crystal pictures that should show the power of information, or with diffraction pattern of CMOS and CCD sensor array of digital cameras that are elevated to the status of ORBS, of unknown life-forms.

With discharge pattern of Kirlian photography that grows with the sweatiness of the hand the longer the hand is hold in contact with the discharge plate or thermal and phase-interference PIP photography  that shows well understandable energetic phenomena if not outrightly faked as with all aura-photography equipment.

In this respect we are not different than the people hundreds of years ago that needed to become a believer to see Jesus walk over water, the halo  around the heads of saints, the spirits knocking at spiritist meetings or  the miracles the bone of a saint were working.

It is because the believe in the power of mater and energy is programmed in our cells not only since the miracles of 20th century physics  that we keep missing to study the laws of information and of consciousness, which are all around us. We have created scientists who are admired although they are fearful, dogmatic, un-responsible and ignorant about their own emotions  because we think this is their personal issue that has no influence on their scientific standing.

We are  ignorant about the  techniques of how to connect to the informational matrix and in that way to become creative, alive and truly individual….we are swans that grew up imitating chicken and thus believe to be chicken…… but this is changing now:



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