Dowsing – pendulum – Radiesthesia – kinesology are different ways to access the informational matrix

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Since many years I am in contact with Keith Harmon, who I can call now a good friend


he is one of the founders of key dowsing associations in UK : which is my address for my talks on dowsing, courses and for anyone who needs an archaeology dowser or to find water or water leaks etc.  The important one is that of the International Association of Health Dowsers  which is  This association is the link between health and dowsing and is for therapists who use dowsing to help them in their work or therapists who would like to learn how to use dowsing in their work.

and he is a CoRe user and one of the key promoters of it in Britain and he just wrote to me :

I am still very much connected to health and dowsing. I am still working for the British Complementary Medicine Association as the C.E.O.  Also the Chairman of the Association of Energy Therapists and as the Chairman of the British Society of Dowsers Health Group. Incidentally we have three or four Inergetix users in the Association of Energy Therapists and at least two in the British Society of Dowsers.

Recently a fellow dowser and myself formed the International Association of Health Dowsers to link dowsing and health.Although a new association we already have a member in America and have established links with Japan. Hopefully we will expand into much of Europe and further afield. Our first course on the outskirts of London will be in October teaching people how to use dowsing for health.

I am also interested in archaeology and with my archaeology dowsing team we have made some interesting discoveries especially in the grounds of Westminster Abbey where we discovered some unknown graves of importance.

I also belong to a “normal” archaeology team that works on the River Thames foreshore. Here we have discovered some very early fish traps and recently in front of the Tower of London some wooden poles which date back to 11C or earlier and may have been part of a jetty where they unloaded the stones to build the White or Central Tower of the Tower of London.

In the middle of May I was in America and stayed there until the 3rd June. I visited Kansas City, Omaha,Nebraska and Ohio where I gave talks and taught dowsing and dowsing for health.  It was a successful trip and I have been invited back for further talks and teaching. I have also the possibility of giving a talk and teaching in Denver.
Keith is a very good example for me to understand what it takes to be good in accessing the informational Matrix – so I wrote to him to entice him to give a few of his secrets that make him so successful:
Dear Keith

you sound full of enthusiasm – I really like this about you

and as you know my philosophy :

— only if you and your life is in DLE then you can be open to the informational matrix – which is what you do when you do 

dowsing – and for DLE I am using something that is more understandable but I consider a synonym “suspense”

so if your life is to a good part in a state of suspense you can successfully get in the mental state of “suspense” that it needs 

for dowsing and that we realize in the CoRe system with a semiconductor that is in the suspense between -conducting and non-conducting

please write to me if this makes sense – I would like to make a post out of it and your reply
Dear Kiran
First yes I am always enthusiastic in everything I believe in and will put a lot of effort in to developing it.However, whatever it is, has to have a heart or soul and that is why I liked the CoRe Inergetix system and was and still am happy to promote it as I have done at exhibitions and some talks I give. It may seem strange for me to say a product has a feeling of having a heart or soul but that is how I feel about the CoRe Inergetix system. Other systems are produced and to me are just a box or an object with no “energy” or feeling coming from it. 

My life is now seemingly always in DLE and is intentional but was not always so.  

I was told by Kwan Yin ( Guan Yin), an ascended spirit (whether you believe in such is immaterial, because regardless, it had an effect on my life ) that I was a control freak and must let go. I was told to give up my role of President of an International organisation and just concentrate on things associated with health. I was given the sentence which now dominates my life “go with the flow” and don’t fight it. I did give the organisation up and this was very very hard for me but now I can see why as other things were being prepared for me.

My life now is in a constant state of “anticipation” not “suspense” I am not frightened or stressed about what is coming next which are words which could be associated with “suspense” I am in a constant state of excitement because I do not know what I will be doing next. However, I do know that whatever I will be doing next I will be able to manage because I will have learnt something from a previous experience. If I had fought against the happening and chosen to interfere then I might not be able to manage a later happening. It does not matter if the next event is good or bad because there is always a reason for it. If something bad happens then I look to see if it can be turned around to get something positive from it. It is not always apparent what one can learn from this bad happening but later you can see the reason.   

Certainly I would totally agree with your sentence about the mental state of a dowser when dowsing although here again I might use the word anticipation.




To me Keith is one of the most British people I can think of  – tradition minded, correct, conservative, steady and reliable. When we asked him to take us to something worth seeing in London – he took us to the “Ceremony of the Keys” – an almost comic symbol of stagnation.

But then there is the other Keith that has been liberated by some very personal suffering that is very well described in the following : “Yes I did go through some suffering before I let go and entered the more exciting way of life. It took some nerve to let go but has resulted in a far more interesting life. . .Certainly I would not have done what I did two weeks ago and that was to reply to an advertisment asking for film extras .I just did it without much thinking beyond thinking it could be fun. I did not think anything would happen but I had a phone call asking me to come to an audition. I was surprised at that, and then last week I was asked to come along on Sunday  to the Pinewood film studios where the James Bond movies were made. I was then taken to a location and was filmed giving directions to the star of the film. I did not know him but nevertheless it was something different and was enjoyable.

AND this is the most important aspect that is mostly overlooked for most training about dowsing, radiesthesia. kinesology that only to the degree that your mind and emotions and as a result your whole life is in a state of DLE – anticipation / suspense / open to change / uncertainty ……. you can be good in what you are doing – just as I know Keith is – for all others they might have to spend the extra money to get the DLE in a technology form – the CoRe system





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