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Dear ALL

this time I want to introduce another couple that came to my side to help us in the promotion of this new age of Informational Medicine.

And let us not be naive there are many forces that are stuck and resist someting that is so new and full of potential.

The pharma industry is an old enemy of the new age scene but interestingly most of the new age followers adore the ancient Egyptian culture

not realizing that most of it was rotten veneration of death and a believe in physical immortality and showing a disregard for human dignity most of all the “Great”

Pyramids that certainly were not built with space-age technology but with concentration camp labor….. sorry to possibly disenchant you…..

Katherine and I share that we had our worst moments in Egypt that killed almost both of us….. meaningless coincidence ?

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.....this was only a little over a year ago

and my answer :

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and out of these 2 anticipated sales have become many… and Katherine is so successful from this corner of the world Melbourne that I have asked her to be on our

contact page as she spreads such an a un-resistible positive spirit…. a spirit that is certainly the result of a lot of DLE that almost killed her as it did me….. another

example that Chaos-times is not the end but if taken properly is a Kairos-time a time of extraordinary new possibilities.

I invite you to contact Katherine, and I know she likes to communicate to you what she has learned with CoRe and how to make best use of it….

In this issue of the forum i will also post some video testimonials that Katherine has send from her practice.


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