Eigen Resonance and Holograms


Eigen Resonance and Holograms

I’ve already covered the concept in adequate detail previously, but the concept holds such an integral value in life that it is worthy of mention again. Eigen resonance, or being aware of self, is an important source of healing. While most sciences do not resist the idea of Eigen resonance on its own, they do, however, seem to have certain reservations about its implications in the world of science and healing.

The holographic method of CoRe is intricately linked with Eigen resonance. It helps you realize your likes, dislikes, requirements and everything else that announces your individuality and presence. Here’s a little insight about Eigen resonance and how holograms help you connect.

If you’ve ever handled a baby in your life, even for one hour, you’d know how carefree they are. They love to experiment, and they aren’t afraid to be what they are. They spoil things, create a mess, and are perfectly natural in every sense. They don’t abide by cultural standards, not even those that are set for a baby’s behavior. They are what they are!

But as they grow up, masking begins. People mask their behaviors in order to be socially acceptable. They care about “perceptions” and “projections”. They are given a set of guidelines defining what they are required to do. It is when they begin to adhere to these standards that the problems begin.

There’s a difference between your real self and the projected self (let’s call it your hologram because it may look and feel like you, but it sadly isn’t!). Your holographic self is nothing but a

misconception, an unreality. But the more you start using it as a reference point, believing it to be the reality you’ve buried several inches into your unconsciousness, the more you are likely to find yourself in trouble.

Healing and well-being starts with the self – the Eigen. The world around you is a massive distraction. Your worldly possessions seldom make you feel as happy as youd like to be. Driving an awesome car or having cutting edge gadgets do little to enhance your spiritual awareness or consciousness. On the contrary, these possessions are known to further blur your existence, giving you an unreal satisfaction that is short-lived, on the surface, and largely non-satiating. The farther you move away from your Eigen, the more you are prone to get material and metaphysical diseases.

Your physical reality is connected with your metaphysical presence. The CoRe system works on your body to refresh your soul. I use the word soul to differentiate the tangible and intangible parts of your existence. The point where your metaphysical realities begin to coincide with your physical world is when you’ve achieved the right kind of Eigen resonance.

The Eigen for each individual who treads on this earth is different. I feel truly happy about a different set of things and activities, and quite often, they don’t even coincide with my husband’s choices. We may be connected with each other on some level of consciousness, but this does not necessarily imply that our metaphysical existence is also the same. We’re two perfectly different people living in separate bodies, exhibiting a unique set of characteristics that has nothing to do with love or connectedness.

This raises the question; if every person’s Eigen is unique, how does a common therapy work for everyone? The truth is; it doesn’t! For the most part, the CoRe system is self-adjusting. It uses the frequencies exhibited by your body to determine your perfect match. Once the device reciprocates these, we all know what happens next!

Every cell in your body has a frequency of its own. This is one reason why the aggregate of your Eigen is unique. Resonance is what makes you more aware of these frequencies, reinforcing what is real to help you see beyond self-made obstructions.

There’s another way to express what is happening here. We usually end up confusing the normal once we get old enough to understand. There is a normal we are all born with – the normal our

body and soul understands. It involves appreciating everything that is natural – food, lifestyle, body, activity and everything else that constitutes life. We are born with an entirely different set of priorities. And as we age, we adopt an entirely different set of practices.

As we grow old, we take up influences from our surroundings. We create the hologram of the normal that we’ve inherently known since birth. And although this hologram contradicts with the normal, we place our belief and trust in it, considering it as the final authority.

This hologram consists of etiquettes, culture, and practices. Quite literally, the hologram is normal because everyone is practicing it. But it is not normal for the Eigen. So when contradictions begin, it may manifest itself in any number of ways ranging between mental, physical and spiritual illnesses.

The more connected you are to your roots, the less problematic your life will be. This is the simple phenomenon that guides the principles of Eigen resonance. Be aware of yourself before you worry about external influences. Take control of things that you can! The rest will eventually fall into place.


Importance of Relationships

This world is an interconnected web of energies and information. Everything you see and/or experience is someway related to other elements in the adjacent category. For instance, if you’re feeling tired, it is not an exclusive event. It may be because you did not have your fair share of rest, or because it was an extremely long and tiring day, or a combination of both. The accidents you witness on the roads are never a standalone occurrence – it has its roots in the ignorance or negligence of both parties involved.

In essence, nothing in this world is absolute. It is all relative to something or the other that exists in your surroundings. Even time is relational. You can distinguish this moment from the previous one only because you remember it. If you were a goldfish, you could live happily in a fish bowl without getting tired or bored because every moment, and every aspect of your existence, will be the first-time experience for you, every time! With a two-second memory span, the goldfish enjoys timelessness in its truest sense.

Quality is also a relative term. One can use a range of adjectives to describe the quality of a subject. It may be bad, good, exciting, interesting, boring, tiring, fulfilling, or any other adjective for that matter. But when you use it to describe an experience and/or event, it is always relative to a previous benchmark. So when you say you had the most amazing time with your friends today, it is relative to your previous experiences. It is not the absolute definition of amazing. For all you know, your friends might not regard the event as highly as you do.

The point I am trying to make here is this; you cannot quantify absolutes, primarily because they don’t exist! Everything is relative. There is a chain of subsequent events that connect each and every entity that walks on this planet. There is a chain of events that contribute towards your healing. And if you do not keep this chain intact, you will not be able to absorb the holistic benefit of the treatments.

When you deviate from the natural way of life, you end up breaking the value chain that ensures your health and well-being. The farther you deviate, the more benefits you lose. But when you set your relationships right, you end up getting the benefit you were seeking all along.

This aims to emphasize the importance of recognizing and maintaining relationships, not only with people but also with yourself, your Eigen, your surroundings, and your realities. For the most part, maintaining a balance between the elements is as important as appreciating the interconnectedness of your world. The CoRe system communicates with your metaphysical reality, reinforcing the relationship between your physical presence and your virtual reality to bring about Eigen resonance!

For a beginner, this may sound too technical to understand. For a fact, your realities are just as complicated! Everything is not as they seem. And above all, self-discovery isn’t a piece of cake. It may take years to understand what you really want. For some people, the moment of enlightenment is just a myth. There are several (possibly millions) of people lost in the world of self-projected holograms. They are unhappy, but they don’t realize it. They are ill, and this is a reality they are forced to recognize once it begins to manifest in their physical reality!

So if you’re reading this book right now, you’re one of the luckiest individuals on this planet who will not die an ignorant death. You are fully equipped to take control of your life. And I, along with my husband, will help you recognize the opportunities of life. It is just a matter of attitude!

For the most part, the cause of disease, in every case mentioned above, starts when you give up your natural self. When you start pursuing fake goals and standards, you get into the trap of pseudo-happiness. This is when you start forcing yourself to feel happy because the emotion doesn’t come to you naturally anymore! So every time you achieve something in your life, ask yourself whether you feel really happy deep down. If you don’t, you know what you need to do!

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