EIGEN RESONANCE – methods to come back to your SELF


I am very grateful that Dr Keith Scott-Mumby has taken the time to elaborate on the concept of Eigen-resonance that I consider the basis for Health and spiritual growth

Dr Scott-Mumby has written books about Cancer, Allergies, Anti-Aging, Heart Health, Mind Health besides several other topics and is particularly interested in Energy medicine and is now working on a second volume on Virtual or Informational Medicine as I call it. http://www.amazon.com/Virtual-Medicine-Keith-Scott-Mumby/dp/0988419610/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1429336426&sr=8-5&keywords=keith+scott-mumby  I will post several other profound excerpts from this book that he kindly allowed me to post here – I am starting with this one about Eigen-resonance: (Having read this two more example came to my mind, which I consider to have essentially the function of strengthen Eigen-Resonance in a world that is fuller than ever before with temptations to get separated from an experience of yourself – SELFies, Social Media & KARAOKE )

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Kiran is not tricky with his explanations. He admits the main Inergetix CoRe interface unit acts as both the symbolic connection to the client, enabling radionic interaction, and the physical connection for energetic interaction.

It’s really about connecting the person with self, utilizing and enhancing the individual’s own Eigen-resonance. What does that mean?

Here’s some really good stuff for your understanding!

Kiran introduced me to the German word eigen. “Eigen” means self or something that is “specific for the individual” and it is a common term in physics and mathematics as in Eigen-frequency, Eigen-vector, and Eigen-value and so on.

However, as always in our outward oriented culture, scientists accept this basic concept, but fight like tigers to resist the idea it has any application in sociology, biology and healing.

Health really means to be in a more constant state of “Eigen-resonance”, or integration with self, in all key respects: sensually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If this Eigen-resonance is inhibited, disease starts to enter and vice versa.

As children we have many forms of Eigen-resonance still working properly. We examine our bodies in detail, we test things by putting them in our mouth, chew on our nails, we suck on our fingers, we spend hours under a blanket and breathe our own breath and smell our own body-odor. We “learn self”.

Then all our cultural taboos and non-sensual education enters and is established and all this becomes objectionable. From then on, we develop all kinds of replacements for interaction with self: instead of putting our own thumb in our mouth, we put in a cigarette; instead of smelling our own body-odor, we cover it with the latest perfume; and instead of being in love with our own body, we cover it with fashion clothing that has nothing to do with us.

Instead of resonating with our own “Eigen field”, we engage in absurd substitute behaviors, like addictions to shopping, status-symbol cars, drugs, sex, eating, work and possessions, all in pursuit of admiration from others. Gradually, we sever contact with our dynamic life equilibrium and, once lost, it becomes difficult to regain it, without special insight as to its nature.


Many spiritual traditions talk about the “the need for self”, “I am-ness”, “know thyself” but usually stay on a mental level or abstract metaphysical level in explaining what this would practically mean. Gurus and “adepts”, I have noticed, are peculiarly inept at revealing the truth of these matters. It makes one suspect they don’t really know what they are talking about. Sometimes explanations descend into complex pseudo-psychology jargon, using artificial constructs, like ego, id and identity.

But in order to know yourself, as Kiran Schmidt points out, you first have to sense yourself, a very simple prerequisite with the most revolutionary implications.

Many healing modalities can easily be understood from this point of view, e.g. Eigen-blood therapy (electrophoresis) or Eigen-Urine therapy (auto-immune urine therapy), or the practice of extracting other body fluids or tissues and feeding back certain parts of it, as in stem-cell therapy. In Homeopathy we have the little-understood practice of sarcode remedies (page XXX), which would certainly much improve if the sarcodes were produced from the clients very own tissues.

As children we were constantly humming to ourselves or even talking to ourselves. Yet as adults all this is considered childish or even a sign of insanity – but we do not object to bombarding ourselves constantly with sounds that are not our own. Some sounds, we know, like heavy metal rock, are definitely unhealthy.

But I believe, and have written elsewhere, that we all have a unique “shamanic song” within; it is our own personal tune, with harmony. If we can find it and sing it, often, we can be healthier, more loving and more in tune with ourselves and the environment. This means we are resonating strongly with our eigen-field.


According to Kiran Schmidt, the typical bioresonance explanation of inverting and cancelling out unhealthy frequencies or “bad energies” is no different in mentality to that of killing microbes with antibiotics, poisoning the nervous system with pain killers or cutting out malfunctioning parts of the organism.

He even rejects Rife’s work and that same model of zapping pathogens or cancer cells, further encouraged by the misguided writings of Hulda Reger Clark and others.

I am inclined to agree, for a very good reason: it is not possible to penetrate far into the body with “healing frequencies’, simply because the body will modify everything thrown at it. It’s back to the “war of frequencies”, first postulated by Lakhovsky – every atom, molecule, cell and organ has its own resonating frequencies. Sooner or later, the external frequencies are modified by those in the body.

A better plan is to enhance healing energies and get the person into healthy resonance with the self.

But the MORA and BICOM work and work often, especially in skilled hands, I pointed out to Kiran. That’s using classic physics and inversion technology, isn’t it? No, he says. Remember, there is no real output from these machines; or at least no energetic output. Take a $10 electrical multimeter and check that for yourself.

Inversion is a myth and just sales talk. It does not happen. There is a totally different reason why these machines work – and they do work, make no mistake. I’m not knocking bioresonance practitioners, I’m merely re-writing the musical harmonies to it!


The answer lies in this phenomenon of Eigen-resonance. The person is simply being wired up to their own self. This is why electronic resonance devices work: the person is wired to self and collects information about the self, with the remedy or pathogen in the “diagnostic” cup or plate.

This reminds me of polarity therapy, developed by Randolph Stone (1890-1981). In it, the patient is wired up to his or her own self, typically in a 5-point star formation. A lot is claimed for it but, according to Kiran, the key point is the person his connected to their own sense of self.

Like other systems, we are using the endogenous energy field for healing. That’s back to the flow of Ch’i, prana and so on. The energy can flow through a practitioner, as surely as through wiring. So hands-on healing methods also have a slice of this delicious pie! My wife Vivien pointed out the connection with Tai-Ch’i, in which the technique of causing the personal energy field to flow freely is what is being learned; connection or reconnection to self. It’s very healing.

The same could be said of yoga; it is enhancing the Eigen-resonance with the field of self.

Maybe acupuncture, which is about unblocking meridians, is also in a very real sense about opening up the channels through which “self” flows. Vivien suggested this too and I like her idea; it connects Western thinking with the ancient Chinese model.

I notice that Alex Lloyd’s “Healing Codes” method uses – or re-cycles – energies from our own body, to re-direct them back inwards from the finger tips, while adding healing love messages from God, such that the self-energies already present are enhanced.

As we embrace the energy healing model more and more, it becomes clear that our own natural energies, filled with information of self (the self-field), is really what does the good. In that sense, all modalities which work, work to some degree on this principle. We left behind conventional explanations of healing, remember, along with objective science, in chapter XXX. This is better.


You may come across the concept of healing blankets. Disregard gobbledygook marketing words and pseudo-science. Just focus simply on the fact that these blankets are reflectors. There is a metalized layer inside the fabric, designed to bounce off hostile radiations (the original concept).

They are also intended to reflect radiations back inside the patient’s own body (same principle as a Thermos vacuum flask). That means far infrared and extreme high frequencies (EHFs) are returned to the patient. The person will literally warm up, like sitting in a sauna.

There are a number of pseudoscientific claims for this therapeutic adjunct. Wilhelm Reich and his unsubstantiated orgone theory are often invoked. This I feel is nonsense and misleading. What seems clear to me is that the blankets sustain and enhance the Eigen-resonance field, specifically:

  • reflect back the body’s own far infrared healing radiations and so bathe the body in additional supportive energies
  • reflect back biological extreme high frequency (EHF) Eigen radiations generated by the cells and organs in the range of 30 to 300 GHz
  • reflect away exogenous man-made EMF fields which we know can be harmful

All this relates far more closely to the work of Georges Lakhovsky and cellular radiations, visited in chapter XXX, than it does to the tenuous theories of Reich. Remember, Lakhovsky taught that whichever radiation wins, that is what will happen to the tissues. So shielding the body from unwanted radiation while intensifying what is good and natural can only be nurturing and healthy.

The ridiculous prices are hard to justify. But the benefits are real enough.


The Eigen-field looms large in education (or should).

My own philosophic system of “transformational psychology” that I call Supernoetics™ lays great emphasis on the matter of embodiment learning. I have developed a science of Being and knowledge. One of its core principles is that we are what we know.

A simple example would be a plumber: he knows how to fix leaks, solder joints and lay pipes. He “is” a plumber because of what he knows.

Embodiment learning is crucial to us and it means to take data and understanding into the fabric of our self; we make it part of us. Put into this context, it means knowledge is only valuable for an individual after it becomes part of his or her Eigen-resonance field. You have not truly learned (absorbed) something that is not integrated with your Eigen-field.

Data, as such, is not knowledge or learning. It is not about being; data is alien. Understanding is what creates true knowledge. Information today has become simply overwhelming and it is hard for the individual to relate to anything more than the tiniest fraction of it (typically, the snippets we learn early in life).

The kind of education forced on children by society today is a totally opposite precept to this kindly view of learning. To learn more about Supernoetics™ go here: https://www.supernoetics.com


Largely as a result of mis-education, people on the whole today are deeply disturbed by disconnection from the self. It’s a massive health problem. Look where mis-education leads us…

We learn to reject others or despise certain religious or ethnic groups, because others say we should (or we’ll be killed if we don’t).

The media creates a nightmare artificial world that is basically a kind of brainwashing or mind-control imposing a reality that is chosen by the powers in charge, with their own devious agenda.

Instead of loving our bodies, we are taught to hate them (too fat, too thin, too short, wrong hair, wrong color, etc.) So we work out at the gym, go on slimming diets, choose layers of cosmetics and have surgery, to alter how we look. We are no longer familiar with our own smell, but smother our bodies in oils, perfumes, aftershave and scented soaps.

Then we clothe the body in synthetic fabrics, with shapes and designs we imagine to be important but which do not suit us, just because commercial magazines say we should. We walk on synthetic floors and concrete, isolated from Mother Earth and hence ungrounded.

The majority in the Western world eats food that is not recognizable for its origin and yet expects this mélange of synthetic garbage to nourish us. It is not even sustainable; how can it be healthy in any sense?

In some countries in the “developed” world, the admired human is created by unnatural workouts, with bizarre machines that outdo each other in weirdness (in order to outsell the competition), results in bodies than are anything but natural. Witness the example of the Crossfit cult, where bodies are abnormally distorted and serious injuries are common, due to pushing the physical frame beyond its inherent design parameters.

How different in the less developed (some would say less off-centered) cultures, where sensual feedback through natural pathways and what we are pleased to call engagement with nature and the real world renders an abundant sense of self, with appropriate satisfaction and harmony with the world.


All this unnaturalness amounts to a serious disintegration of self. The immune system, which most closely reflects our own inner harmony, is so out of tune that allergies, environmental chemical sensitivity, parasites and stealth pathogens are now virtually the “norm”.

This leads to plague conditions, like AIDS, autism, lupus, and a host of autoimmune diseases that have now reached epidemic proportions. Estimates by the American Autoimmune Related Diseases website place the incidence at up to 50 million affected individuals [http://www.aarda.org/autoimmune-information/autoimmune-statistics/]. Autoimmune disease is now one of the top 10 leading causes of death in female children and women in all age groups up to 64 years of age. Researchers have identified 80-100 different autoimmune diseases and suspect at least 40 additional diseases of having a strong autoimmune component.

Isn’t the condition of anti-self I am describing the very basis of auto-immune disease? The body is so alienated from own identity that it begins to attack its own tissues?

It is a classic case of a person not in resonance with his or her own “Field Of Self”. Instead the modern individual is in another place: in Facebook, stuck in the day’s news, in a book, on their smart phone, tablet, in the latest fashion or scandal – anywhere but “at home”.

Good health is often just a case of coming back to our true self, as many people have found to their delight. As Kiran Schmidt remarks, there is really nowhere else to go!


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