Electromagnetic Pleasure CoRe applicator



NEW electromagnetic Therapy attachment for Health Navigator

Here is our version of low frequency therapy for the CoRe system that has CE certification. PLUS as the wireless transmitter works at 2.4 Giga Hertz you get a milimeter carrier wave as a bonus stimulation.

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With its own wireless transmitter it plugs into the Health Navigator or the headphone outlet from your computer and will send client-specific frequencies found with the CoRe System to anywhere at/in the body that you hold the applicator.

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We are calling this new Applicator the Cyber-Capsule CC in honor of Wilhelm Reich who died 50 years in a US American prison after he had escaped as a Jew from Hitler Germany because he was teaching that a “Missing Orgasm Reflex is the main reason for disease”. Of course we now know that the Orgasm is just another form of DLE on the physical level.


You can order this amazing new attachment here : http://www.ohmibod.com/freestyle.html

This device is INTENDED TO PREVENT boredom, insensitivity and lack of fun in your life (which according to some scientifically not verified experience is the main cause for all diseases). DISCLAIMER : as the applied frequencies are Client-Specific we cannot exclude the possibility that this experience will catapult you or your client into the 7th heaven.

Also in this context you might find interesting that we did not hesitate to spend a lot of money for a one page paid Add in the Washington Post in the honor of the 50 Year death anneversary of Wilhelm Reich who is considert by many as the father of energy Medicine.


Full page Washington Post paid article by Inergetix Inc.

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