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NEW Dual channel DLE Frequency Therapy in CoRe version 6

As you have seen on the post on Informational Interference – I consider it one of the key concept of the new science of Informational Medicine


For DLE to exist, it needs Interference, polarities, opposites or at least differences, and not only on the informational level but also on the energetic one like hot/cold, loud/quiet, light/dark, highfrequency/ low frequency, chaotic/ coherent aso

Imagine our physical world would be consisting of one color, one kind of plants, one kind of people, one kind of food …. how much would you want to live in it, how much would it help us to evolve, how healthy would it make us ? (USamerican philosophy has made big steps in this direction – all cities look more and more alike , all news feel the same, all fast foods are completely reproducible in taste, and genetic engineering works hard on getting those many disturbing differences out of plants and animals – life will be so much more healthy and easy when this is done…..)

And if we are honest we all do the same, more or less, we go only to the movies we like or got used to like, meet the friends that do not give us too many objections, surround us with staff that does not irritate us, take a pill when  we have a headache or get a flue-shot to get the cold out of the way……)

Energetically the moment where we choose to work only with a single channel and a single frequency as almost all of alternative frequency therapy the number of possible interferences is very much limited and the idea behind it is equally limited “to initiate a resonance of certain cells or the destruction of invading pathogens via resonance”.

At Inergetix, we go new ways, the new “DLE Frequency Therapy” module allows to not only find client-specific resonant frequencies as in version 5 but also the Interferences that create these life-stimulating and reseting pattern within our body that we need to be awakened to set healing processes in motion.

Interferences in our physical environment create the variety and dimensionality that makes it worth living, not only is it 3D that needs 2 eyes but also our ears need the interference of two waves to create the sense of depth. What most of us need is not “MORE Coherence” but the informational stimulus to make us again as “A-Coherent” as when we were younger.

This new Module allows to find resonant frequencies on two channels in realtime – and for those who have experienced only 5 biofeedback you will not believe your senses when you try this new functionality- if you set 9 V amplitude this is what most can barely manage to endure, Debora is starting to scream when I set it at 6V…. but this is just the external indication of the much greater potential of this new technological. The regular cheap TENS devices work with 50 -100 Volt and you barely feel them – simply for ONE reason because they do not work with resonant interference frequency pattern


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  1. Dear Kiran


    I always say to live Life with Intensity, Feeling emotions enjoying Silence, Breathing while smilling…

    Most people say to live the moment like it was the last… Why not to live it like it was the first time? All the mistery and magic behind it?

    In a sense this is the way to make a patient to feel alive… make him start beliving in magic again… make him enjoy a sunset… make him to buy a dog… make him to do a million things… but if you don’t make him change the way how he sees life there won’t be enough interference in his life…

    At the same time you as a therapist have to live your  life as well… live with intensity with feeling with “electricity on the air”… enjoy every aspect of it the good as well as the bad moments… it is all part of it…