Energy and Information Medicine Healing


How they shape your life, Health and turn them to your benefits

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I dedicate this book to my Dear Kiran Schmidt in the hope of honoring his undying love

and dedication towards his work and life mission. Thank you for being a part of my life

and for having being a wonderful teacher.

Dr Kiran Schmidt and Debora Cristina Marcusso

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“Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe Me.”

Look what happens with

A love like that,

It lights the Whole Sky.”

~ Hafiz ~

Author’s Bio

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I grew up on a farm on the countryside in a town in Sao

Paulo, Brazil. There I got my degree in languages in 1994. After receiving my degree I

became an educator, dedicating thirteen years in my hometown, playing an active role in

shaping in next generation. Teaching turned out to be an extremely rich and fulfilling

experience, one that completely transformed me in ways I could have never imagine. The

experienced broadened my horizon and substantiated my understanding of the world and the

various cultures and people that live in it.

In 2007 I experienced that feeling of love at first sight

when I met Kiran Schmidt. It was truly an enchanting experience, one that I will cherish

for the rest of my life. His passion for the progress of medicine had become infectious

and soon I found myself accompanying Kiran on his seminars on Energy and Informational

Medicine. Before we had even realized it, we had become a team of two, where he was the

expert on Energy and Informational Medicine and I took care of the backend processes,

including coordinating his seminars.

Today it seems as if Kiran and I have been together for an

eternity. Together we have embarked upon many adventures, traveling all over the world

to get our message to those who need it most. In the process, we have traveled to more

than fifty different countries in the last eight years. And today we find ourselves

together bound by our love for each other and our desire to help humanity progress.

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Energy and Information Medicine Healing


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