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This is a message from Mark in response to me sending him a demo report created by CoRe

together with my question:

“What do you need more to model mathematically the CoRe Process ? “

I think this exchange will be a very exciting new step in getting other sciences involved.

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investigating what makes CoRe turn

Hi Kiran,

First, let me note that I know very little about your system, and I’d love
to learn it……

Here is my basic idea of the “Cause-and-effect model” of the process
you used to get your demo report.

1) You have got an intention to turn on your device to get an accurate
report for yourself. In addition to the conscious intention you may have
also had some other unconscious intentions.

2) You opened to, what i call, the EI (energy-informational) domain (which
is mostly, outside of our TS (time-space) domain) and, by the resonance of
the totality of your intentions with some EI domain representations of the
items in your database of human issues.

3) You then got your report which is a materialization in the TS domain of
those resonant items from the EI domain.

And this is all.
Do you understand, what i am attempting to communicate to you?

What I am suggesting to you is to examine the process 1) – 3) in detail,
using some good examples, to become aware of all the details which you
perceive have resulted in the outcome – i.e. your report. And then design
the theoretical model, using questions like: “What minimal assumptions about
the nature of reality do we need to make in order for the observed result to
be possible in the Cause-and-effect” framework?”

I believe, this is the correct methodological approach to uncover the
relevant “Cause-and-effect’ relationships. I perceive, this may lead to
improvement of your system. But  I cannot promise you this…

I want to collaborate on this with Adriana (and I do not know yet is she
wants or not), because it is my perception that she has mastery of this
“resonance”. Here is a quote of her private email to me:

“…any intention that we have that does not come into manifestation… it
is because somehow we are self-sabotaging it…”

Ease, Joy and Glory as always,

P.S. I have a preliminary hypothesis about the role of random mechanisms
here, but I am not ready to talk about it at this point.


And here you are all requested to send in your comments on what you feel goes into a successful CoRe evaluation and therapy …… look deeply into your practical experience and let us know so we can all learn

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Oracle of Today


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  1. Gentlepeople,

    English-speaking peoples have been taught for centuries that “In the beginning was the Word…” But I am convinced after more than 35 years of teaching the Kaballah, this is an intentional very poor translation.

    I am further convinced the ancient mystics who wrote these words in Hebrew, and earlier in Sumerian, really said: “In the beginning was One Mind…” and that this One Mind was the source of all thought, thinking, information and everything.

    If the Mind is the beginning, then the Mind is the creator of both time and space. Being the creator, the Mind is beyond time and space. If this is true, then the operation of the CoRe makes great sense and is very logical.

    The CoRe is in communion with the Divine Mind, the Source of all information. And, incidentally, since the Mind is the the Source of all energy of every kind, the CoRe operates beyond and outside the realm of energy. The CoRe changes information, it changes Mind and thus it is capable of healing all things.

    The more I work with the CoRe, the more I am convinced of the truth of these things.


    • Dear John

      John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

      so what you call “One Mind” is of course GOD and he was “before the beginning” but once Information was created one could speak of a “Beginning” before that there was no concept for it.

      As You know The realm of Consciousness is so different from Information as Energy is from Matter.


      • Dear Kiran,

        Ah yes. Consciousness comes before the beginning. The Kaballah teaches it as a three-step process that all sentient beings repeat at birth: 1) I or me, 2) I Am, and 3) I Am That.

        First 1) I = I become aware, 2) I Am = I become aware I exist, and 3) I Am That = I become aware I am me. Then at the beginning of my creation or the creation of everything, I become aware I am mind. In ancient Hebrew these transliterate into 1) AIN, 2) AIN SOPH, and 3) AIN SOPH AUR.

        Now the debate becomes: “Does spiritual healing occur in the Mind? Or does it occur in the AIN SOPH AUR, the I Am That?”

        My answer waffles between yes and yes. Perhaps Informational Medicine will answer this question. But for now it is my personal DLE.


  2. Daniela Andreescu on

    My present understanding is that the ‘effects’ (of the CoRe therapy) already exist at the level of Consciousness before their actual ‘causes’ (doing the CoRe evaluation and balancing) are manifested and perceived in the matter-energy world. For me, CoRe seems to find the item that is at the core of a ‘resonance-network’ related to the issue of the client/patient. When it ‘communicates’ the information it ‘touches’ the effect at the consciousness level, which thereby becomes a cause and reverberates into the matter-energy level. A ‘healing’ effect is produced.

    In this context I view healing as the re-contextualization of an issue in such a way that it allows a reset of the patterns in the consciousness realm and consequently a new cause-effect in the matter-energy world. If we take as a premise the idea that disease is the effect of our disconnection with the Spiritual World, then we can see how CoRe restores the connection.

    This might be the reason why ‘intention’ (of the practitioner, of the client) is indeed relevant. It is my belief that the intentions that come into manifestation are those that support a preexisting pattern in our consciousness. A pattern that can be viewed as one’s own Path towards Truth (or Absolute, Higher Force, God …). What appears to be self-sabotaging might just be a way to prevent us from manifesting what is not intended to ‘descend’ to the matter-energy level.

    If (while working with CoRe) my intentions relate to the matter-energy world, then their actualization into ‘good’/’bad’ therapy results depends on potential ‘causes’ in the consciousness realm that are not directly related to my intention. When my sole intention is to be open to receive ‘consciousness transformed into information’, then ‘relevant’ results for the client appear. Are they ‘good’? Are they ‘bad’? For the moment I work with the premise that the ‘results’ are what the client’s consciousness intends to manifest and that I am just a facilitator…