Fasting stimulates immune system during chemotherapy and enhances your spiritual & love-life


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In 2014 I did not eat anything for 6 weeks with the Lemonade diet . And this experience not only made me loose 22 kg but more importantly made me feel much more healthy.

Coincidently I am writing this in the 40 days before Easter where German monks fasted with dark beer   and I am in Erding close to Munich the home of the famous beer and only a short distance from Weihenstephan  which is the oldest brewery in the world and the oldest company in Germany almost 1000 years old. So you will understand that I changed from lemonade to dark beer fast.

Just while doing this I saw a program on TV where cancer patients that opted to undergo chemotherapy, found that they had significant less side-effects when they fasted 1-5 days before the treatment compared to the times they did not.

Valter Longo a gerontologist at the university of southern California had questioned the general advice to actually eat especially well when undergoing chemotherapy. He made experiments where he treated mice with 3 times the usual dose of chemotherapy . While in the group that was put on a fast all survived , in that which was fed normal almost all died from the chemo-overdose.

Again this is one of these scientific confirmations of common sense that I love. For all history until  about 100 years ago most people had to undergo irregular times of fast because there were no supermarkets. It has to expect that during thousands of years of the evolutionary process our organism got programmed to actually use and need these time to clean and regenerate itself.

While doing any fast you can observe that the body eliminates horribly stinking and rotten stuff – how could we imagine that living with all this stuff would not damage our health ?

I am writing this on the 3rd fast Sunday before Easter



Fasting can not only save your life when you take chemo-therapy but it can also enhance your life in so many ways – imagine you do a fast for 3-4 days before your beloved comes back from a trip – how much more will you love her/him when your first meal is with her/him. Nothing has a stronger positive effect for your immunity but a vibrant spiritual and love-life


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