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Here are some first testimonials from Odyena – who is a new CoRe user

Ondyena, DHHP, ATP
Creator of The Mermaid Chronicles
Heilkunst and Sequential Homeopathy
Core Inergetix Vibrational Medicine Technology
Etheric Healing/Holodynamics Soul Alchemy
Sacred Chants

Testimonial 1

i started beaming myself homeopathic remedies last week,  as well as relationship remedies, and doing organ balancing, and amazingly, i feel lighter this morning. my body feels lighter, as if much heaviness was taken away.

i have felt intense abandonment fear in these days…beamed myself rx of core as well as STRAM MM, and it went away the SAME day, instantly.
then had pain in my right breast one day, which occassionally comes…and i beamed my mammaria and it went away.
beaming myself rx and acupuncture..feel heat from the cleansing!
ben was sick with staphloccous which showed up on my core reading!! but i beamed it to myself and am not sick!!
this past week..have had intense JEALOUSY and burning fire of envy, jealousy, anger etc…but i beamed myself jealousy rx at mm (hyos, lachesis and other snake rx) and today i woke up IN A MIRACLE…free of jealousy! free of fire!!!!
Testimonial 2

Here is a testimonial from my brother, Karan…and you can actually contact him directly thru this link here to his fb account if you like 🙂

i am not sure if you are ok with such a short testimonial, but his results were pretty profound and pretty fast! i will send you more soon :)Karan Gill 

Alright so before I was beamed the remedies from your machine, I was feeling very depressed and lonely. I was also unmotivated to engage in any activities and was “bored” with anything that I did attempt. Mostly, I had a lot of suppressed anger and was very irritable and snappy. After the hour of beaming me, I felt a lot more at ease. The anger seemed to evaporate and I went to go spend time with a friend. That night I also had a good dream where every night before I had horrible dreams and woke up without any energy.


Testimonial 3

Michele is a client/friend who came to me 3 months ago exactly, pleading me to “save him” from his own demons. he is a very successful artist who is a helpless womanizer and he had HUGE abandonment fears and EXTREME jealousy, even though he knows i am his friend only…he would check up on my every move, where i am, what i am doing, who is talking to me, who is writing on my facebook wall, and he would play extreme mind manipulation games to get control of me, in a way that only an old-style misogynist can do.

i finally had to cut off from him because he was so severely suffocating, manipulative, and no amount of my reassurance or love would comfort him due to his extreme abandonment feears and jeajousy and rage…and he actually ended up in the hospital with a nervous breakdown because the stress of abandonment was so severe.

i finally started beaming him remedies regularly a few weeks ago when i got the core, especially snake remedies which i knew he needed, and of course the chthonic remedies (stramonium, belladonna, veratrum, baryta carb, all of which showed up in his evaluation), and he is radically different now. he has let go of the abandonment fears with me, he no longer is using tactics to control and manipulate me, he is no longer jealous, and i feel he is more grounded in his own self now. he can function on his own and he is more emotionally stable whereas he was hysterical before. i can actually be friends with him from a distance without him suffocating me.
i know this is due to the snake remedies and chthonic remedies that have been beamed to him…very powerful…and i was also beaming myself these same snake remedies due to my resonance with him, and so i am also less affected by him, less resonant with him, so the remedies and core have helped BOTH of us.


Testimonial 4

i have been beaming my father for the past weeks only and he is changed quite a bit already: he says he feels much less affected by others, much less desperate and depressed, and he feels inspired. i heard joy in his voice instead of anger, and he is actually willing to go do chinese herbs now, which he could not do before becuase he had so much pain in his body…
he is getting better and i am sure it will continue much…
Testimonial 5
i just started beaming my new friend in india, tanay, a few days ago. he was in very deep depression, being very syphilitic, self-destructive, suicidal, and with heavy stuff..
i have been beaming him aurum, syphilinum, and the other things that the core suggested, and he says he can breathe better now, which he coudln’t do before, and he also feels there is hope, there is light…
and this is just the beginning..i am sure i could send you further testimonials of many of these people in months to see even further progress, but i can nevertheless see progress right away!


Testimonial 6

i have been beaming my friend sara and she told me that she feels extremely more calm now. she used to be very extremely reactive (lots of lachesis) and she said she is more accepting now, and she is not so intensely reactive to others, and so judgemental…she says she can’t believe her own lack of reaction. she finds it bizarre that she can possibly be so calm and not furious at every thing…she can’t believe herself…

she suddenly has FAITH instead of being hysterically controlling..and can’t  believe it….she says she has faith, she feels calm…she can let is beautiful…
this is good news for me cuz she is my close friend and it drives me crazy how intensely reactive she is.
thank you 🙂


Here is my suggestion for a form of Testimonials that can make this more effective and comparable – please have the client write a short note to every point he feels to apply – the clients words are so much more insightful than that of the practitoner


CoRe therapy report  number :______________

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  1. For what issue were you treated :
    1. Since how long did you have this issue :
    2. How long did you try which other healing modalities :
    3. Which success did you have :
    4. Since how long and how often have you been treated with CoRe modalities :
    5. Which CoRe modalities did you use – Informational, Navigator, Bio-LaesEr, BEaMEr :
    6. What do you believe was the cause of the issue that you came to treat:
    7. What did other practitioners or friends recommend to you:
    8. If you used CoRe diagnostic what issues did it reveal:
    9. Do you use CoRe in combination with other modalities :
    10. What part is the therapist taking in the therapy:
    11. What do you experience during CoRe treatment :
    12. What did you feel  hours or days after the therapy :
    13. In what way is CoRe  different then other modalities you know:
    14. Which unexpected  issues came up or were solved :
    15. Has your general outlook on life changed :
    16. Where do you see the greatest impact of CoRe therapy – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual:
    17. What changes did friends notice about you:
    18. If you did not see all issues resolved – what do you think is the reason:
    19. Does this therapy add life quality:
    20. Have you studied information on CoRe therapy :
    21. What do you think needs to be improved in CoRe therapy:
    22. Please share some other observations or feelings that you consider important:
    23. Note of your therapist:

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