From Global Scaling to Global Sailing

0 300w" sizes="(max-width: 637px) 100vw, 637px" />Please see a video about a questionable Global Scaling experiment and our alternative Global Sailing module for CoRe 6 :

Newtons world was about finding ways how we can measure (Scale) the world – how we can get control over the world  intellectually.

This desire for “control” is the other pol of our existence that wants “abundance, excitement, unpredictability, freedom”   –

Control versus Freedom have been built into the design of this world as mutual opposites – if you would ever achieve one to the fullest you would loose the other – many lifetimes are necessary of trial and error to understand this principle which is the basis of DLE.

We are fascinated by the possibility of infinite amounts of energy or information not realizing that this would tip the world into a chaos as a result of insufficient control.

This fascination makes it easy for new-age gurus to sell imaginary new free-energy device or free-information-communication technologies to authority dependent masses – here  the example of “Global Scaling” :

– However  Global Sailing is the answer :


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