Gramado / Brazil CISQ conference

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Diego Cardoso Azambuja and Wallace Liimaa did a great job to organize the 2nd “Quantuum” conference in Brazil. Although it was in the remote Gramado hill-resort town of Rio Grande do Sul they managed to get an attendance of about 2000 visitors. Wallace plans a 3rd conference next year in Sao Paulo and given the difference of size of the 2 place he expects about ten times as many – this would be the biggest event of this kind in the world. Given that the World-cup is the year later in Brazil and also the next Olympic Games – all is lined up for putting Brazil on the map of things to come – Brazil just replaced UK as the worlds 6th largest economy

Amit Goswami gave his usual talk, focusing on the New Age doctrine that “You have infinite choices and your life is up to your control” (Turning the Uncertainty-principle down-side down). He repeated many times “All is possibility” – because Quantum Physics works with “Probability fields” – however he did not mention that the Probability value of all waves and particle Eigen-functions are almost everywhere ZERO. But he follows the new age idea that if you say something that makes your audience happy and proud about themselves – even if it is not true – it can never hurt.

But I had to leave when he gave the answer to the question that he posed himself  “Why if – quantum philosophy proves – that it is up to us that we choose health over sickness – WHY DONT WE DO IT ?” – and he truly said “Because it is weak thinking” – What an insult to so many people that struggle hard to get healthy and be told that “You are sick because you have a weak thinking” – Funnily enough his wife could not give her speech because “she had chosen” to return to India as her father “had chosen” to be very sick (because of weak thinking). I did not wait for the examples why some Quantum-Physicists “have chosen” to not go to the toilet or not to die because of “their strong thinking ability”. Amit I do not wish you get very sick but I know it has to happen because you have to be cured from the USA virus. (however spreading this virus in India would do some good there – because many have succumbed to the Indian virus that whispers in their ears “it all needs to stay this way”)

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