Heal or not to heal that is the question ?


Curious if anyone has thoughts on this recent news event:

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This is my reply which takes the logical, less ego-driven road with sources to help Practitioners use the best verbiage to convey What They Do.
I am a nurse and work with an energy device but one that is not listed in the fraudulent list.
The problem is the practitioners and their verbiage and self-proclaimed status of healer. None of us have the ability to heal. We can offer the information, the missing parameters that the body needs-but-the person who’s body needs healing is the one who allows the healing process.
I believe that the complimentary healing modalities are greatly scrutinized, due to the pharmaceutical monopoly. Even tho I have a nursing degree: I never diagnose, I never prescribe anything, and I never, ever say that I can heal anyone-for it is not up to me. Also that is very egotistical thinking. I also, ALWAYS, ALWAYS strongly suggest that they seek Allopathic/Medical advice, tests that their doctor would prescribe, current lab work, etc. The main idea of the Complimentary Alternative Medicine ,CAM (check out my site on wording of Systemic Interactive Medicine) is to supplement the missing pieces that our regular medical mainframe does not consider. The two complement each other.

For help with what to say, what not to say and legal ramifications and especially protection. Look into the Temple of AIM for help on how to project your specialty without any claims, and legal protection. This is very important on many levels. You need to protect yourself and your clients.
Projecting that you are a doctor is wrong, but you can offer comfort,nutritional, energy and other modes to supplement and compliment their care. And the whole package is what offers the best approach to healing.

The clients/and their higher power are the only Powerful Ones to create, transcend the healing process.
We just offer the tools to help them along.
As a matter of fact: That is my saying. I help people along and that is all I do. The rest is up to them and their higher power.
I do have a duty to help them feel empowered, supported and nurtured which are all important aspects of healing that the medical model does not embrace, yet. The self-proclaimed Healers are the ones that prevent our specialized fields from being taken seriously and substantiated.
Highest Regards,

Kiran’s Note :

I appreciate Monica’s attempt to make us aware of the legal threats that are out there but I know that posting another horror-story is not the appropriate answer to making us all more careful (I will not post any more to them)

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….. just like writing “Smoking can kill” on a cigarette pack that actually will only raise the level of unawareness in smokers in order not to quit smoking while holding one of these cigarette packs in their hands all this talk about the terrible FDA and all the destruction it has done will only make us less be aware of what we are doing.

We have to find a way to present our work in a way that we feel proud and honest and at the same time to obey the current legal landscape. First we have to give up fighting the bad bad  pharma industry and FDA because this will get us into trouble more than anything (law of attraction) but more than that we have to realize that this is just another form of DLE that is put into our world to become more sensible and awake.

However he even moved on in his understanding and has helped to establish the Federation of Spiritual Healers which certifies “Spiritual Healers” not only because he knows that this is the safest way to present your work but also that it is the true basis for all healing and this century will see all this nonsense-talk of frequency healing being replaced by spirit-healing . Inergetix is making the way and you are on the first boat to these new shores.

thank you all



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  1. Thank you Monica and Kiran for sharing.
    You both share valuable insights and I agree with most of what you both say.  I would just like to add that in my experience there is only spiritual healing, nothing but spiritual healing.  But, and this is a very big but, since humans have free will, we can choose to accept spiritual healing or not.
    Monica is right we can’t heal anybody. When it comes right down to it, all we can really do is help people accept the spiritual healing that is their birthright.  We do that by mastering our profession and coaching our clients. We do that as ethically and professionally as possible. That’s the best we can do with very rare exceptions like John of God and the Master Jesus (Yeshua bar Yosef).
    Then we learn. We learn how truly wonderful this creation and everything and everyone in it really is. We learn that everything and everyone is a mirror for us to see ourselves. We learn that we are exactly what we should be at this time and in this place. We learn how to be grateful, to accept, forgive and love more and more.  Then we learn some more.
    That’s why I consider all spiritual healers to be perpetual students — and I love being a perpetual student (spiritual healer).