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Thank you for all your work on this initiative, which is streets ahead of anything else I’ve seen.
One question/concern.
I’m really uncomfortable with the title of AIM being the Academy of Informational MEDICINE.
Elsewhere on this site and in the Inergetix materials we are talking about spiritual healing. In your writings on the AIM site you say:
“A paradigm shift away from offering alternative medical and psychological care is needed to resolve the issues raised by Codex Alimentarius. Whatever the solution, it must comply with new FDA laws being implemented to protect large pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical company profits. These same laws penalize anybody that threatens these corporate profits.”
So why is our professional association telling the FDA and the rest of the world we are about MEDICINE?
To become a member of AIM I am an Inergetix user and an avowed spiritual healer; I am actually described in the AIM philosophy as a coach.  So where does the practice of  (informational) MEDICINE come in?
Thank you for your consideration.

Kiran’s reply :
Ihave very different, or lets call it better complementary concept on how to represent our work in public.
And I respect and even nourish this as I honor any contribution that comes with experience, consideration for others and without too much self-importance or negativity because I know that differences are healty to provide the DLE. (please also give me a few days for posting or approving your comment or post as I am doing this all only at night, after work hours as I have more important things to do also then moderating this forum)
John has probably 30 years more in experience and is US american wheras I am German.

For a german mind it is just rediculous to think one could legally change anything if one would not use certain words like “Healing, Diagnosing, Remedies and Medicine” in the german legal system this would just considered naive.

fda-playing-with-wordshttp://inergetixforum.com/wp-content/uploads/fda-playing-with-words-283x300.jpg 283w" sizes="(max-width: 379px) 100vw, 379px" />

However I have to realize that the US american culture is different and for a german of course it looks imature and naive….. that Mc Donnalds has to put a warning “that the coffee might be hot” on this paper cups to avoid million dollar legal law suits.

I have the topic of “wording” with John and we cannot find a common denominator and also we do not need it as I am representing the “Academy of Informational Medicine” and John the “Temple of AIM” as director.

We got a letter about 18 month ago from  the FDA stating friendly that they have become aware that Inergetix distributes a medical device and that they cannot find any registration. (This was one week after I had posted a full page paid add in the Washington Times in honor of Wilhelm Reich who died exactly 50 years ago in an US american prison after escaping Hitler Germany as a Jew)

We responded with a one sentence letter saying that Inergetix does not distribute a medical device but a spiritual tool as described in our Vision and Mission page on our site


I have not heared since then and I assume that the FDA realizes that I honestly consider the CoRe system as a spiritual tool and certainly it is a big and unexpected aid that I was since then even admitted to the highest knight order of the catholic church open to non-head-of-states the “Order of Saint Sylvester”, I was told that I have fight now with my life for the Pope if he is in danger, which I will do,  and I know this happened because we all need to stand together to help those who are exploited.

But you have to also do your part and have to see and decide where you want to stand and at least study the Vision and Mission statement carefully. Until now this stand has not brought anyone into trouble and also allows us as company to be one who has never had a legal conflict.

However you can go one step further and join the Temple of AIM, which is a registered church and then you might decide that you even want to be more conservative in the way you promote your work.

This is in fact a double protection as no other company even attempts to provide and in Dr John Gilbert you have one of the most experienced sheperds as he has not only worked for the FDA but also years of expereince as a minister and is founder of several certification boards.



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  1. Well,  I add to the cultural collegiality because I am English, living in the US. In the 1980s I started the Journal of Alternative Medicine in the UK.  10 years ago I launched the magazine/journal I now edit and that title was deemed unacceptable: the new publication is called CAM
    (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), which is for UK practitioners. Most practitioners in the UK describe themselves as complementary therapists simply to avoid the hassle that comes from using the word “alternative”.  So I can tell you that in the UK, at least, labels are important 🙂
    And yes, legally it is safer to state that you are aiming to “complement” orthodox medicine, rather than sticking your neck out and saying that what you provide is an alternative to treatment that is often ineffective and dangerous (most of orthodox medicine).
    In the UK we are seeing a massive increase in efforts to regulate, license and otherwise control CAM practitioners under the misleading and emotive banner of “protecting the public”. No one has told us what, exactly, they need protecting from, nor what the new proliferation of federal regulatory bodies will do for the public that the existing law of the land – not to mention the well-established professional bodies – already does/do.  But the upshot is that many practitioners are being very cautious. In doing my due diligence looking at many systems (before finding my new home with Inergetix), I found that while almost every company provides an on-line list of practitioners, those lists are nowhere near representative of the numbers of practitioners – I would estimate that at least 50% do not want to “come out” publicly and be known as users of an informational medicine system.
    Thank you both for your answers. I will certainly join the Temple of AIM.
    And congratulations on the advert for Reich; I wish I had seen that!

    Kiran’s reply :

    You cannot get more protection then with CoRe if you also represnt it in your spiritual clinic according to our Mission statement because not only do I develop the science of Informational/spiritual healing but I personally have been blessed in that by being knigted by the pope, God bless him.