Ever seen one of those branded bracelets that come with a predefined message? People use quotes, mottos, and inspirations to brand themselves and their thoughts. Do you think it really works?

The truth is; it does! It uses the philosophy behind holograms to create a pseudo reality – the kind you would like yourself to believe in. Through consistent registration, the image (or more appropriately the message) becomes embedded in your mind. It transforms your life and your experiences around the context of the message. And all this happens merely by wearing a bracelet!

The science behind it is intricate. As you read through this section, you will realize how holograms and holographic science influences our lives at all times. What is real for you may not be the true reality!

There are quite a few sci-fi movies in the past that have introduced us to the advanced concept of holograms. It is extremely fascinating to see, yet not be able to feel the presence of an object. For the most part, it is the superimposition of an object on another, utilizing the concepts of reflection, refraction and projection. The science of holography aims to capture the image of an object in order to project it onto another platform/screen. The use of technology in holograms has advanced significantly, enabling 3D projection of objects for life-like believability.

By this time, you might probably be thinking about the connection between holograms and DLE/CoRe? To answer that, there is another question you should be able to answer. What do you think about the reality of this world?

The human eye is nothing short of a miracle! It is wonderful how it accepts light rays and converts it into a vision at the back of the eye. This projection is inverted, so the brain works to correct these perceptions, enabling you to see the world as it is. Here’s the thing; the eye, and the brain for that matter, are dark chambers. The light does not reach the brain; it is only the nerve impulses which are carried to the brain, enabling you to see what you desire. It is simply awe-inspiring how the eye and the mind works to project an image of your reality in front of you!

Your brain is powerful and will constantly play tricks on you. When you are asleep and you have that freakishly real dream, it is your brain playing a prank on you, stimulating your nerves as though the situation projected by your brain is real. The mirage you see on the roads on a hot summer day is also a part of “projections”. In fact, everything you see around yourself is possible because of the projections of your mind. And the unbeatable reality is; your brain does not receive light, never has, and has never been encrypted to recognize the sights it does!

It is therefore quite correct to say that the reality around you is in fact the hologram depicted by your brain. And this hologram is deeply connected with your faith and healing.

Perceptions, Holograms, and Faith

Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing on top of the Mount Everest; what do you see? You don’t need to visit the place to imagine what it would be like. Thanks to cameras and other similar visual technologies, you can predict quite clearly what or how it would be like on top of that snow clad beauty! The sights and views will be breath-taking! You will be looking down at the depth, almost touching the clouds, relishing the sense of freedom and shivering slightly in the chilly winds. It’s a hologram created by your brain. It doesn’t exist, but you’re able to see the image created or projected by your brain.

When you think about negative possibilities or talk about bad things happening to you for whatever reason, your perception of the reality changes. It may be the same image but it doesn’t feel so welcoming anymore. Imagine the burden of social and/or societal pressures, that absolute worst thing that someone did to you, or the memory of an irrevocable loss; it distorts your hologram of happiness.

The concept of holograms aims to suggest that the real healing and wellness starts from within. You cannot experience liberation if you are too caught up with the negatives of your life. The reset

therapy aims to free you from the shackles of your history, enabling you to perceive a hologram of holistic happiness and wellness. In essence, the holograms of your reality are subjected to your inner perceptions.

The nature and emotion attached with the hologram of reality (that is, the way you see the world around you) explains your inner state. For most people, the reality is significantly testier because their inner state is in flux. And while dynamism is considered good for your health, the unbeatable fact of reality is that everyone reaches out to and grabs stability every time it presents itself! So most of the diseases you face are in reality created by yourself!

The CoRe technology serves to connect you with the genuine reality behind the hologram mimicked by your brain. It aims to elevate your consciousness, empowering you to see beyond the distorted holograms of your personal reality. This is how the technology works to reset your life, enabling you to see clearly where your priorities lie!

According to Kiran, faith is more than just your religious inclinations and practices or your beliefs. It is about your degree of awareness or consciousness about your realities. It is connected with your acceptance of the fact that the reality you see and feel is not necessarily absolute. There is a whole new dimension to this world where the spirits preside, interacting with energy and information to create the emotions and feelings you cannot understand in this world.

Children, for one thing, experience high levels of consciousness for as long as they do not superimpose their worldly holograms on their realities. Children tend to be happier, carefree, and highly experimental because they don’t overanalyze events. They don’t let their imbalance manifest on their realities. They are not built to register such influences till their surroundings condition them to pay heed to such elements.

Through familial influences, cultural values, traditions, practices, norms and other elements that define “stability” and “consistency”, children learn to consider distorted holograms of reality as the truth. This is where the foundation of disease is laid.

The CoRe system disconnects you with what you believe and what really is. It resets this conditioning, enabling you to see beyond the barriers of convention and norms. For all its worth,

the world is beautiful! It is more than just skin deep. And there are several new realities you will uncover once you are prepared to shun the “normal”.

As oxymoronic as it seems, change is the only constant. There’s no point hunting for stability – for the most part, there is nothing like stability present in this world. Life is the name of dynamism. You’re living it to the fullest when you are constantly challenging stagnancy and embracing change! This, by the way, also keeps you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit and healthy!

(Adapted from http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/faith-healing-and-hologram/)

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