Homeopathic Bioresonance Session Helps Young Boy


These images are of one of my dear friends young son, he is not feeling well and his mother is giving him a Homepathic Bioresoance Session… see explanation below by his mother

This is a picture of my four year old son Austin having a homeopathic bioresonance session.

He has been vomiting for the past 18 hours and is severely energy depleted, and complaining of heat in his stomach. I gave him bioresonance for 15 minutes and communicated with him informationally.

Prior to treatment he was lethargic, vomiting and very quiet. 10minutes post treatment he was chatty and playing with his toys. He has now, 90 minutes later eaten a meal and continues to improve. I had planned to complete the treatment with some light and magnetic biofeedback, but this seems unnecessary at this stage, and I am interested to see to longer term impact of the bioresonance.

A truly remarkable transformation.



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