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- also now you understand where the Bishop's staff has its origin -




On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 3:24 AM, Janice Butler <janbut@iprimus.com.au> wrote:

Hi Kiran,You have some very interesting ideas and comments in your newsletters – BUT your English,  spelling – and particularly – grammar and syntax, is so appallingly bad than (what do you mean with THAN – Kiran’s question ) your good ideas frequently are completely lost because indecipherable.   Perhaps this is due to English not being your first language ?  Whatever the reason it would be wonderful if you could get someone with the necessary language skills to edit your newsletters beforehand as most ( almost All, actually ) of the people i have tried to share them with and whom i know would be very interested in what you have to say have found them totally unintelligible.  As this is entirely due to your poor expression it would be a great pity if you fail to address this problem.Sincere regards,Janice.



Dear Janice

thank your appreciation and for your well intended advice. 
Yes my spelling and grammar is not what many would wish and actually I was almost not allowed to study Physics in Germany as I was classified DISLEXIC (or maybe Dyslexic ? )

I suffored a lot,  almost suffocated because I wanted to fit in with the others and prove  that I was have been worthy the way I AM. 
Now that I have survived this educational system and delved deeper into the raisins for illness, its not our original sin that makes us soffer but our tendency to get stuck in details.

Our left brain is intended to see details and make connections in a linear fashion and find what is missing rather than what is is in abandonce – and for most people it is in total control, that is why we feel so abandoned by God, money, friends. 
This overemphasis of left brain in our culture is also the result (or cause ?)  of the growing number of AUTISM, which is completely misinterpreted as a biochemical issue.

AUTISM is a perfect example of what it means when our left lane is not balanced by the right one – also this explains why driving on the left side like in Australia increases autistic tendencies.
AUTISM means not to be able to see the general scheme, the plan, the massage – I know now that the people that you talk about that find my writing so unintelligable are at least partially autistic  and just do not realeyes it as our culture promotes and prosects it.
AUTISM is only the yipe of the Iceberg, and the lacking ability (or inability ?)  of so many to associate, to make new, creative connection, to be inventive is just a low grade form of autism.

AUTISTIC children want to keep order, BUT they are ahead of their age when it comes to proper spelling, they can spend hours on stacking boxes to perfection and never find a feeing of satisfaction with their work – it is never good enoff – they are off line informationally – which makes them such loners.
The right brain is in a DLE with the left one, makes us see that every momant is different and that we are usually just dormant to see it, this back and forth makes us unpredictable but also allows us to make sense of what seems unintelligible to others.

Shaksbeer for example was one of the worst spellers in the history of engless language, maybe the beer was already polluted with as much Mercury as today – he is known to have  simply  invented about 13 thousand new words but because he was surrounded by a barbaric lot of engless people they did not hesitate to just imitate all his inventions – and this is the stuff most people today get taught at school and that we force on the minds of so many innocent children all over the world – wondering why the world is going downhill so quickly.
Fortunaddly or maybe badly for so many good engless speakers all over the world I have chosen Brazil to be my new home country – and different than almost anywhere else  – almost nobody seeks engless here (even customs where I write this post, for 4 hours, to get my new toy released). But I take this to be the reason why life is so much more  fun here (except at the customs) and people know how to associate their body to the rhythms of music and not to hide it from the sun with gigantic swimwhere – Brazil is still very much a tribal nation, the word that covers almost 20 % of the common language is “gostoso” which has its equivalent to countless engless words like yummy, sexy, enjoyable, beautiful, delicious, adorable, desirable and maybe because the Brazilian language keeps it more simple they have more of the actual experience.

Anyway lets stop here and maybe you can get the help of some right brain person to make some sense of what I wanted to communicate
Another person who has a lot of problems with proper spelling and that is why she almost only uses paintings to communicate is Kseniya Simonova and interestingly she also discovered her true values like myself only after a tragic event in her life (I call it DLE) when her business collapsedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOhf3OvRXKg


PS : In my company I preferably hire dislexic people – maybe now you understand why

PSS : maybe you understand why John of God is not able to read or write in order to be able to do what he does

PSSS : If you have some strong sense that you have an autistic tendency yourself – get the CoRe system – its database is so full of spelling and grammer “mistakes” that this alone can have a profoundly reseting effect

PSSSS : now you understand that people who cannot stop – probably have a DSD (Dyslexia Spectrum Disorder)



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  1. it is unbelievable how people who probably only know (just) 1 (yes: one) language have to show off by telling other people how to write correctly… Probably they focus only on the grammar etc… instead of being open to the information which is conveyed… They don’t have the slightest clue how the human brain functions when speaking, reading, writing and understanding 3, 4, or 5 other languages. As long as one only knows 1 (one) language, it is not more than normal that the left side of the brain enjoys to turn its loops, drilled as soldiers who only know 1 (yes: one) thing….They don’t understand the messages neither, they just execute….in accordance to what they have learned. Yes, sometimes they have nice uniforms and even green or red barrets (people respect that sort of thing), covering empty heads………

    Willy De Maeyer

  2. Thanks Kiran,

    I’ve been super busy these past months and only barely “keeping an eye on you” via your weekly emails.

    I did ask ISSSEEM to send you a VIP Invitation to the upcoming conference in Denver—did you receive it?

    (I’m guessing that you’ll be too busy teaching people around the world to use the CoRe system.)

    In any case, the invitation was sent with heart-felt good intentions…

    Re your recent note: 3. How to get real security for your work


    The Pope is known as the “Holy See”—a small point that might make a big difference to some.

    All the best,



    Dear Scott

    I guess you also, like Janice, only speak one language “engless”

    I guess it comes from the gernan “eng” which means as much as narrow or small minded, how is it otherwise that the US american citizen speaks on average 0.1 other languages than engless which means that only one in 10 there speaks a second language and in 99% of these rare cases are a Mexican who often comes to be a cheap laborer.

    AND more importantly they are proud of the fact that they do not have to be able to know another language as they think the whole world needs to speak engless… I tell you this general stuckness – this lacking openness to change – this arrogance  – is the real reason why USA needs the  reset that UK already got and will get it – the economic downturn is only the beginning.

    most of what I write is a test – if you are too left brain you will not be able to understand what I want to communicate or you are even so horrified by the grammar and spelling that you think “this guy is severely handicapped

    Debora my Brazilian wife was an engless teacher for 12 years, she is helping what she can to improve my engless, just like countless other good-hearted people like you, – but DYSLEXIA is not curable so easily

    By the way = very kind of you that you asked ISSSEEM to send me a VIP invitation for their upcoming Conference in Denver but I am sure many of them belong to the AUTISTIC Spectrum disorder as well… all of my e-mails I have send to them were not answered and now after I posted this one


    I am sure I am dropped even from their mailing list

    sorry that you will waste your time there

    I read your paper on the cosmic cycles – very good



  3. Acrocding to a recearsh at Cambgidre Univeristy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oedrr the lertets in a wrod are. The olny imporatnt tihng is taht the fisrt and lsat letter be in the rhgit pcale.

    The rset can be a toatl mses and you can slitl raed it wiohtut probelm. Tihs is becsuae the hamun mnid deos not raed eevry letter by itlesf, but the wrod as a whloe.

    Kiran : yes tihs is rlaley construcvite iupnt and can hlep a lot of pepole to see taht all the graet tanelt taht tehy hlod up for so lnog is in fcat a sgin of lititamion – If you wnat to scrbmale messgaes in furute so taht olny the rgiht brian can reveice it

    go to this site : http://www.jtnimoy.net/itp/cambscramb/

  4. Your/Our Strange Lingo

    When the English tongue we speak
    Why is break not rhymed with freak?
    Will you tell me why it’s true
    We say sew, but likewise few?
    And the maker of a verse,
    Cannot rhyme his horse with worse?
    Beard is not the same as heard,
    Cord is different from word,
    Cow is cow, but low is low,
    Shoe is never rhymed with foe.
    Think of hose and dose and lose,
    And think of goose and yet of choose,
    Think of comb and tomb and bomb,
    Doll and roll and home and some.
    And since pay is rhymed with say,
    Why not paid with said I pray?
    Think of blood and food and good;
    Mould is not pronounced like could.
    Wherefore done, but gone and lone
    Is there any reason known?
    To sum up all, it seems to me
    Sounds and letters don’t agree.

      Written by Lord Cromer, published in the Spectator of August 9th, 1902.

    With two dyslectic kids, my life is full of DLE that it makes me forget to be autisitic.

    Best whishes,
    Yolanda Krul

    Kiran : start rhymes with your kids – I know this is what they and you need to integrate your experiences