How can a noise generator create meaningful information


Hi group. What a great discussion.

As a practitioner who works largely in the psycho-spiritual realm, I have found
that the moment I surrender and choose to “not know” what is occurring for the
client, instead simply going into a state of complete presence with him/her …
it is precisely in this moment when the “knowing” comes in. I say this as I
believe this phenomena to be parallel to why we need a random-number generator
to obtain valuable information for the client.

I believe that no matter how skilled, trained or psychic a practitioner is, he
is still limited by his human filter made up of his personal human
experiences… Combine this with a left brain meant for deduction vs capturing
the whole and you are left with a limited capacity to truly access the whole
picture for the client. A random event generator frees us from this, moves us
away from any linear, limited “knowing” to a place of allowance where the bigger
picture may come more into focus. If we allow it.

This is holistic medicine – one that holds the whole (not to be confused with
integrative medicine that is simply integrating several parts).

I imagine we have all had those moments where we TRY TRY TRY to figure out an
answer without any triumph and then the moment we let go, the answer intuitively
comes in. Kiran, thank you for reminding us about creating a balance between
the rational and intuitive aspects of ourselves.

The more I use the core… the more I am amazed by the accuracy of its
results… the more my ego & left brain are humbled…. the more amazing the

The core is amplifying the practitioner’s world as much as it is amplifying the
At least that is my experience.

Perhaps moments of discomfort around the CoRe (questioning the system, wanting
“facts”…) are simply growing pains pointing to a part inside seeking

Appreciating all the viewpoints and dedication…
Shirly Weiss


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  1. Shirley great comment- yes we always want to figure things out- and being in a state of “duh” 🙂 or I don’t know is somehow counter to what we learn in school- pondering or meditating and not needing an outcome or not to “lust for the result” is so very difficult. Especially when a client wants you to “help them” and they have an idea of what they feel is their problem- you may even have an idea- but to let go of that and let things come up is a bit like looking at the top of this page and rolling your mouse on the words at the header of this page- the limitation is only what we bring.