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  1. Wow!!!!

    Hi Kiran,

    This is fantastic.  I can see so much potential with this. Roll on CoRe 7.

    Changing our brain waves changes potentials with the challenges that many face today.

    I can see potential for opening doors to our greater realities, what ever each of us might perceive those to be.

    Once again Kiran, many thanks and my sincerest gratitude for all that you have brought us today and for the wonders you are working on for tomorrow.

    Best wishes.

    Kiran’s comment :
    thank you Joan for your gratefulness

    Honestly I have been given the vision and the mission to provide to many the oldest secrets and possibilities in a new cloth – that of todays technology. I am been given connection to the best people in this field.
    However I know and I will gently let people understand that it is not brainwaves that rule our lives – just as little as the 20th century idea – that it is biochemistry that does – it is Information and the SPIRIT and everything else is just the tool the manifestation.

  2. Hi Kiran,

    I love this!!

    I’ve been looking into music with  α,β,Δ en Φ waves. Very fascinating. But what I wonder, is what effect  music you really love have on your brains. Or what happens when music touches you. I would love to see a picture of that.  
    I see it as a opening for receiving more information. 
    Best whishes,